USA Today college basketball writer

“Dayton was a really good team. A lot of people picked Dayton, and Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State. Regardless of how you look at Middle Tennessee as a mid-major, (Syracuse) knocked them out by 25 points. So that’s impressive how they beat those teams right there. And then on top of that, I think Gonzaga was playing like a 3- or a 4-seed. They barely got into the tournament themselves, but (Domantas) Sabonis and (Kyle) Wiltjer are two incredible players. That was not a typical 11-seed, so I don’t think you can examine it that way. And then look, Virginia was a 1-seed. They were fantastic. So when you’re examining how these teams got there, I would argue that they have one of the toughest roads to get there.”
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TEVIN CARTER – 3/28/16
NFL prospect

“That was a big game. It’s an emotional game. That game has a different type of feeling. So to come out as strong as we did with five turnovers in the first five possessions, that just showed me how big the game was to us and for the fans.”
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AARON GREEN – 3/29/16
NFL prospect

“With our pass-heavy offense, we’re an Air Raid offense, so there are times where our quarterback would throw the ball 50 times a game. I just don’t really feel like we have the run plays that other running backs across the country were able to run, such as powers and counters. Our running game was pretty basic. I just had to work with what I had, but most importantly we were winning. That was fine with me and I did well with what we had.”
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Former NBA guard

“Once we started back in the tournament, our whole mission – every day we went out – it wasn’t just to fit in or just play. It was to dominate. Our mindset was amazing. We had 86 points at halftime at LSU. We had a mindset that was very, very remarkable. . . . Our mindset was always to destroy people. Some teams would be like, ‘Hang around, let’s just have fun.’ But us, it was destroy whoever we played – and it showed in the tournament.”
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NC State DB

“My scheme at NC State was we were going to get up in their face, and we were going to disrupt the timing of the quarterback and I was going to try to get in the receivers’ face. That was my whole deal.”
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DAN CROSS – 3/30/16
Former Gator great

“There was a group of us that believed in doing things the right way. We wanted to be a part of tradition. What that did was allow Billy, who had recruited me, to come in and continue the tradition – not only just for the University of Florida, but for the state of Florida. The whole state is known as a football state and produces probably some of the greatest athletes there is in the country. To be able to do that and be a part of tradition 22 years later, it’s definitely a good feeling.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 3/31/16
MLB analyst

“I was a little concerned about them going into spring training before guys started falling left and right. I think the Boston Red Sox are going to have some issues. We just heard Pablo Sandoval is going start the season on the bench. Travis Shaw is going to be their third baseman and Brock Holt is getting the start in left field. That wasn’t even a conversation before spring training starts, so I think those guys are in a little bit of trouble.”
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TODD JADLOW – 3/31/16
Former Indiana Hoosier guard

“It hit me in a way that really woke me up. I’m the type of person who, if you’re not in my circle, I don’t want anything to do with you. If you’re a stranger, you’re always going to be a stranger. And for some odd reason, after that speaker came and spoke, I went to one of the counselors and I asked if I could talk to that guy, which is completely out of my character.”
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