MATT MILLER – 4/25/16
Bleacher Report NFL analyst

“There’s talk about Jalen Ramsey if he’s there. But Ezekiel Elliott has a chance to change that Dallas offense and kind of go with that old John Elway-Terrell Davis system where you can take pressure off the aging quarterback with a young workhorse at running back.”
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RAY FARMER – 4/25/16
Former Browns GM

“It’s truly about trying to improve your football team. All of those conversations simply exist around that. There’s not a lot of innuendo, bravado, media hype that really swoons an organization. It’s really about the players and discrepancies between coaching staffs, scouts and everybody that’s had a hand in that process of making a good decision. Those are the arguments and the conversations that really make the board and the draft kind of come alive.”
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NFL Network analyst

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the No. 1 receiver. But you still have guys like Josh Doctson and Corey Coleman – two totally different styles than Treadwell – but it wouldn’t shock me if you see one of those three be the No. 1 receiver taken in the draft.”
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DOM WILLIAMS – 4/26/16
NFL Draft prospect

“His philosophy never changes. It’s up to you to make the offense work. He’s not going to scheme up any defensive teams that we play. We compete. It’s man-on-man and it never changes. I respect him and I love him. He pushed me to my limit and made me better.”
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BRUCE BUFFER – 4/27/16
UFC announcer

“He will still bring that, he’s outspoken, he’s extremely cerebral. But don’t go against Dana. Don’t go against Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta – because they do everything for you and you have a role to do something for them. They’ve made you a multi-millionaire. You can get on that plane and do what’s needed to sell the next fight. So now he’s going to have to wait a few months – or God knows when – to make his next $10 million or however much money it’s going to be. But he’s still Conor McGregor and we’re all going to want to see him fight and you’re still going to have 5,000 to 10,000 Irishmen coming over loyally to watch him fight. It’s an amazing experience.”
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KENYAN DRAKE – 4/27/16
NFL Draft prospect

“I think that’s what makes him a great coach because he dished it out evenly. It’s not going to be hard on one person and not as hard on anybody else. Anybody can catch the wrath from Saban. He’s very genuine in his honesty and that really makes a player better. The truth may hurt, but at the same time, it can only make you better. The proof is in the pudding with his ability to lead teams to championships.”
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DANTE HALL – 4/28/16
Former NFL WR/KR

“My mom wants to throw this huge party, invite every uncle, cousin, auntie known to man. So I go into that with that pressure, all of the people are there, and I’m just nervous. I don’t know if I’m going get drafted, if I’m going to be embarrassed, I’m worried about my playing career – just a lot of things for a young 21-year-old.”
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