NBA analyst

“I just don’t get it. I just don’t. If you’re going to make that decision to do that, then you really have to be a superstitious individual or you want to send a message. Maybe those fans have been on him up there. I have no idea. But that’s something that Dwyane needs to change. He is a tremendous individual, he’s a great leader and he just can’t continue to do that.”
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MLB analyst

“You hope that its just maybe early season, dealing with a little bit of the weather that you have to do in April. But I got to think that the honeymoon is over now between him and Red Sox fans and they are really anticipating much better production.”
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IAN THOMSEN – 5/10/16
NBA.com writer

“The big men ruled basketball. This whole idea of small ball, it just didn’t exist. And if you went into the paint, you accept getting knocked down. Remember Isiah Thomas getting knocked down by Karl Malone and taking 40 stitches or whatever it was over his eye? All those kinds of things, in every sport, used to exist – and they don’t exist anymore. So for people who had to play the hard way, where it was a real physical violent game – I think in every sport, there’s just a little bit of, ‘Well, it wasn’t like when I played.”
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Washington’s 106.7 The Fan host

“I don’t think (a mega) deal (for Strasburg) would have been done anyway. I think they would have held out, they would have had a bidding war, they would have got $215 million to get into that David price, Max Scherzer area – and it wouldn’t have happened anyway. So I think Boras is going to play hard ball with Bryce Harper – and he should. (Boras) had the first $100-million player and $200-million player, and Harper will soon chase Giancarlo Stanton’s $300 (million). But the question is will it be $400 or $500 million?”
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STU JACKSON – 5/11/16
NBA TV analyst

“It makes sense. It would be tough if I’m a voting member to put down any other name for first place other than Steph Curry, and that’s what happens. So anyone that takes a shot at this and all their accomplishments – I just can’t explain it.”
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DANA WHITE – 5/11/16
UFC president

“You know what’s funny? When Rovell came out with the story, his biggest thing was the richest guy in China right now (Wang Jianlin) is trying to buy this thing. I looked at my partner Lorenzo (Feritta) and said, ‘You know the richest guy in China has to be getting phone calls about this and he’s probably like, What the hell is the UFC?’
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SEAN DEVENEY – 5/12/16
Sporting News NBA writer

“So I tend to maybe credit Steven Adams a little more than necessarily fault LaMarcus Aldridge. But that should have been a strength. It was at times a strength and certainly in the first round, but it’s really not been a strength here at this point. I hesitate to say that’s all LaMarcus Aldridge’s fault, because from my vantage point, Adams has actually played some really great defense on him and I think that’s been a difference-maker.”
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ADAM GOTSIS – 5/12/16
Broncos rookie DE

“I think it’s more they see Crocodile Dundee and Crocodile Hunter and they think that’s the Australian life. Don’t get me wrong: That’s pretty close, but there’s a few things (that are different). It’s all good jokes and good fun, so I don’t take it too seriously.”
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