Steph Curry busted Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals wide open Wednesday night, scoring 15 points in less than two minutes to turn a relatively close game into a Warriors rout. In the end, Golden State beat Oklahoma City, 118-91, to even the series at one game apiece.

Should any of us be surprised by this? Sure, Curry’s skills should never be taken for granted, but if you give Curry wide-open looks – and the Thunder gave him plenty in the third quarter – he’s probably going to knock them down.

After all, have you seen his pregame shooting warmup?

“Yes. In fact, It’s a big deal to me,” Nets broadcaster Tim Capstraw said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “When he came to town, I’m like every other father out there. I’ve got a daughter who’s 11 years old – and it’s the only time I’ve asked for special things at the Barclays Center – but I had to get her right front and center to watch it. It begins with the dribbling exhibition and then it just becomes this effortless display of shooting that I have never seen, at a level that is unprecedented in the NBA, in basketball – at any level. The ease with which he shoots 30 footers and beyond is so remarkable and so much fun. It’s a lot like watching, I guess, a Bryce Harper batting practice or when Sammy Sosa or Mark McGwire were hitting home runs, to watch them in batting practice. It draws that same sort of attention.”

That is why a Warriors/Cavs Finals rematch, if it comes to fruition, is such a scintillating proposition, especially since the Cavs are a) healthy, and b) destroying everything in their path this postseason.

Yes, just when you thought James was done shocking people, he does this.

“I wasn’t sold on (the Cavs) throughout the year,” Capstraw said, “but boy, I’m quickly becoming a believer right now. I think it has a lot to do with LeBron James buying into Tyronn Lue, but just LeBron James being an incredible leader right now. His mentality in these playoffs, he’s got these guys really, really focused.”


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