SEKOU SMITH – 5/16/16 writer

“Now you’re talking about forking over $20+ million a year to a guy, who, you’re not sure about his makeup. You don’t know if he’s a guy that can handle that, that can operate and perform at a high level with that extra bit of cash thrown into the mix. I think that’s a worry for a lot of teams when you have a young talented player like that whose maturity is still in question.”
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BRADEN GALL – 5/16/16
Athlon Sports college football guru

“Nobody else in the SEC-East has an offense. They’re loaded on defense. They hired one of the best defensive coordinators in college football in Bob Shoop. They bring back more starters that anybody in the SEC. They get Alabama and Florida at home. The schedule sets up for them finally. They’ve gone from five to seven to nine wins under Butch Jones. Everything’s in place. The offensive line, every position on that team is set and ready to go. There’s literally no excuse for Tennessee to lose the SEC-East. That game at Georgia will be huge, but that team is absolutely stacked.”
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MATT MOORE – 5/17/16 NBA writer

“I think Simmons, with the way that he reacted late in the season, that’s an issue for me. It’s tough because you don’t want to overtly criticize a 19-year-old kid, but if you’re putting as much stock in your franchise as you are with the No. 1 pick, you need to feel good about it. So I like Ingram. I like his combination of skill, especially in the modern NBA. As he gets bigger, he can grow into a small-ball four. There’s a lot that I think you can do with Ingram versus a concern over not only character stuff, but his jump shot is so broken with Simmons that I have some concerns about that working out. I will tell you I know that several executives are very much hoping that they land No. 2 so they don’t have to make the choice.”
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ADAM FILIPPI – 5/17/16
Hornets’ Director of Global Scouting

“At that time, I witnessed how teams changed their approach. Very few teams employed a full-time scout in Europe, and after the Pau thing – and (Andrei) Kirilenko, too, to some degree – (it changed).”
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NBA TV reporter

“This is a guy who, of course, takes a lot of heat – no pun intended there – and a lot of criticism for whatever it may be across the board and across the many years of us having enjoyed his play. But he is one of the greatest leaders this game has known, and he is the kind of guy that makes everybody around him better. He’s the kind of guy that demands excellence from those on the floor with him. It’s just not surprising to me that any team you place him on (has success).”
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Showtime Sports Executive

“We have our cameras down low, we have microphones on the coaches, players and refs, and we wanted to bring (out) the real intensity of the game – and nothing is more intense than the NHL playoffs.”
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TIM CAPSTRAW – 5/19/16
Nets radio broadcaster

“When he came to town, I’m like every other father out there. I’ve got a daughter who’s 11 years old – and it’s the only time I’ve asked for special things at the Barclays Center – but I had to get her right front and center to watch it. It begins with the dribbling exhibition and then it just becomes this effortless display of shooting that I have never seen, at a level that is unprecedented in the NBA, in basketball – at any level. The ease with which he shoots 30 footers and beyond is so remarkable and so much fun. It’s a lot like watching, I guess, a Bryce Harper batting practice or when Sammy Sosa or Mark McGwire were hitting home runs, to watch them in batting practice. It draws that same sort of attention.”
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Buffalo News sportswriter

“People were really starting to sour on him last year when his defense did not produce anywhere near the way it had the year before. The 21 sacks is astonishing when they set records (before he arrived). Rex came in and acted like Buffalo people didn’t know what football looked like. They went to four super bowls. And while a lot of them wanted to believe in him and he talked a good game, there were skeptics all along because they knew he hadn’t done well with the Jets. What happened there with Shaq Lawson really has people’s heads spinning.”
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