Major League Baseball has reportedly agreed to change its strike zone as early as the 2017 season. Indeed, the competition committee has approved a motion to raise the strike zone to the top of a hitter’s knees, as opposed to its current position of just below the kneecap.

MLB writer Rob Neyer isn’t a fan of this change, which he feels will simply result in more walks. If it were up to him, he would focus less on the strike zone and more on the pitching mound.

“I’ve said for a long time that the first thing you should do is lower the mound by one inch,” Neyer said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Maybe you do it in the minors to see what happens, but you lower the mound by on inch and you see where you’re at. Maybe you lower it by one more inch. That’s the best way to reverse the trend we’ve seen for decades of more and more strikeouts and fewer and fewer balls in play.”

DA threw out a possible rule change of his own: mandate that relief pitchers face at least two batters.

Good idea?

“Yes, I think that’s an outstanding idea,” Neyer said. “I do think that the parade of relievers is a problem. You wind up with more pitching changes, which takes more time, fewer pinch-hitters because your bench is smaller – which makes the game less interesting, not more interesting – and you have more strikeouts because these guys can come in with the platoon advantage and throw as hard as they possibly can to one batter or two batters or whatever it might be. Absolutely, I would love to see the relievers limited.”


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