CBS Sports college football writer

“Well, one, you have to get Texas to agree to that because they have the Longhorn Network, so you got to make sure they’re still getting their cut of their money. And then right now with cable and streaming media being what it is, is right now a good time to invest in a cable company at a third-tier level? I would say no. So I don’t doubt that the Big 12 is stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I don’t know that they make any moves this year.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 5/23/16
The Vertical analyst

“I had thought that there would be more of a fine and less of a suspension, but the more you watch the play, the more you doubted yourself a little bit, and the longer this thing went on, you thought that’s kind of where we were headed with the suspension.”
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NBA insider

“You look at the last two games, Kyrie and Kevin didn’t play well. The first two games in Cleveland, they played well and they won easily. If they play well, they can compete with anybody, but I don’t know if I trust them to play well enough to win a championship this season.”
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ROB NEYER – 5/24/16
MLB writer

“I do think that the parade of relievers is a problem. You wind up with more pitching changes, which takes more time, fewer pinch-hitters because your bench is smaller – which makes the game less interesting, not more interesting – and you have more strikeouts because these guys can come in with the platoon advantage and throw as hard as they possibly can to one batter or two batters or whatever it might be. Absolutely, I would love to see the relievers limited.”
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DAVID WESLEY – 5/25/16
Former NBA player

“They’re getting so many more possessions that way, and then of course the (Warriors are committing a lot of) turnovers. It’s just going to be tough to beat (the Thunder) playing that style that you (played in the regular season).”
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MONTE POOLE – 5/25/16
CSN Bay Area Warriors insider

“So it’s a grim outlook right now. I don’t see how they fix this. They don’t win the series. They don’t win three in a row. The question is whether they can get back to Oklahoma City and make it a six-game series. But I’m not convinced they can do that. They need a major, major performance from the Splash Brothers to have a chance to get out of Game 5 and go back to Oklahoma City.”
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Former NFL RB

“I’ll tell you what was a little bit (helpful) was actually winning the NFC Championship Game (in 1992). Going to the game, I’m riding, my wife is sitting next to me, we’re quiet and I’m crying – because this is so important to me. It felt like it was so important for me to get past this hump. I’m actually crying while I’m running the ball. It was really quite remarkable to go through that process. Winning that game was really, to me, like winning the Super Bowl.”
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LANG WHITAKER – 5/26/16 and NBA TV analyst

“Westbrook right now is playing as well as he’s ever played. As good as Kyrie is defensively, I don’t know if he has a chance against Russell Westbrook. So if it ends up being Cleveland versus OKC, it favors OKC.”
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