The Warriors are seeking their second consecutive NBA championship, which many NBA fans feel would be a great story.

Dan Shaughnessy doesn’t.

“I’m a big LeBron guy in this thing,” the Boston Globe columnist said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I know what the Warriors have done and it’s very worthy, (but) I am totally hoping the Cavaliers win for two reasons. One, you got the 52-year thing with Cleveland, and I’m all for the Rust Belt cities that are downtrodden and need a reason to go on. That’s just a long drought for people that really care about the Tribe and the Browns and the Cavs. I hope that gets rewarded. The other thing is, the Warriors, to me, that is not where I want basketball to go. They’re all wonderful players, but I keep getting told that it’s the future, this is the way the NBA is going, this is how basketball is going. No, they have a couple of mutant players who can make these shots from 30 feet away with big people hanging all over them. God bless them. It’s great. I love long-range shooting, but to me, it masks other deficiencies that all teams have – and they have – and I don’t feel that should be rewarded or valued as the thing to embrace. We can make more than half of our 30-foot shots and recover from not rebounding as well as the other time or not getting 50-50 balls from the other team. I don’t want to see that rewarded again. I know it’s not a popular take, but that’s fine.”

Shaughnessy realizes he sounds like the old man yelling for kids to get off his lawn, but he’s not afraid of change; he just doesn’t like this one.

“It’s not a good thing for the young players to see to try to emulate and make that the game,” he said. “That’s not the game. The Warriors do everything great, we know. But Oklahoma City outplayed them in almost every aspect of the game except the three-point shot, and I’d hate to see that become the deal-breaker.”

Speaking of Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and the Celtics, many analysts say, are one superstar away from contending for a championship. True or untrue, Shaughnessy doesn’t see Durant coming to Boston.

“He’s probably going to stay where he is, but if he doesn’t, this is not the destination I can imagine,” he said. “They don’t have any star players. They’re not going to contend next year, even with Durant. The coach, who is great and, in a perfect world, the kind of guy you would hope players want to come to play for, but I think he might be a little bit of a disadvantage because he makes them play hard for the full 48 minutes and full 82 games and runs a lot of offense and structure. I’m just not sure that’s a lure for the greatest NBA players. Not to mention our weather sucks and it’s not a good late-night town. I really don’t know what the incentive would be to come here.”


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