Mike Haynes is a Super Bowl champion, a nine-time Pro Bowler and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But playing with Bo Jackson may have been the highlight of his career.

“I think Bo Jackson would have been the best football player in NFL history had he not (injured his hip),” Haynes said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “In a lot of ways, if he had not played baseball, I think he would have been that player. I never met an athlete like Bo Jackson. He was 235 pounds and probably the fastest man on our team. We had so many fast guys. Bo was faster than all those guys. He was just such a great athlete and a fun guy to be around.”

Jackson, a Heisman Trophy winner at Auburn, was the first overall pick of the 1986 NFL Draft. He was a Pro Bowl football player and an MLB All-Star, which puts him on the short list of greatest athletes of all time.

Jackson played for the Raiders – the Los Angeles Raiders – from 1987 to 1990. In 1995, the Raiders moved to Oakland, and more than two decades later, they might be moving back.

Only Haynes doesn’t see it happening.

“I just can’t see the Raiders and the Rams in L.A.,” the 62-year-old said. “If the Rams knew the Raiders were going back to Oakland, the Rams never would have left L.A. They would have stayed. It was something between Mr. (Al) Davis and Mrs. (Georgia) Frontieri, and I guess they weren’t great friends. Both end up leaving L.A., but I don’t think either one knew that the other was leaving. The Rams are back now, and I think Rams fans are super happy. For me, I was hoping it would be the Raiders because I love watching them play and I love being part of the Raider culture, and it just didn’t work out that way. So the idea that they could be going to Las Vegas, that’s pretty exciting.”

It also shows how far the NFL has come.

“Twenty years ago, I don’t think anyone would have thought that was a great idea,” Haynes said. “But today, I think the NFL is a different NFL. They have different things in place to deal with some the challenges of having a team in Las Vegas might bring. But because they’re focused on growing the sport and making it a worldwide sport, I think they’re able to talk to different travel agencies about bringing fans from Japan, Mexico, Europe, Canada – all over. A lot of folks love that town. It’s the entertainment capital of the world.”


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