SCOT POLLARD – 5/31/16
Former NBA center

“Well, it’s exciting if you like buckets. They’ve practiced enough that the ball goes in. If the ball doesn’t go in, their codes are broken, they don’t work. So then it becomes unexciting and it becomes an unsuccessful way of playing so no one else is going to play that way. But a long as they’re successful playing the way they’re playing, people are going to emulate it. Other teams in the league have already begun the drastic challenge of trying to outfit their team with guys that can dribble left, dribble right, dribble left, dribble right or come off a screen and knock down a shot that (makes) people think, ‘That’s not going in, is it?’”
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RALPH RUSSO – 6/1/16
AP college football writer

“No. I think it’s kind of fun. I think it’ll make for some fun stuff if Michigan and Alabama ever meet in a playoff game. It gives a little fuel to that fire for sportswriters like me. I think it makes for some interesting copy. I think it’s on one hand kind of refreshing, on one hand kind of fun in a part of the business that tends to be kind of stodgy. Quite frankly, the satellite camp stuff, in general, that debate has to stop. I think we’ve had enough of that.”
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CHRIS FEDOR – 6/1/16 Cavs beat writer

“I think internally the Cavs wanted another crack at Golden State. They talked all offseason about how they thought the result would have been different if Kyrie Irving would have been healthy, if Kevin Love would have been healthy. So from a fan’s perspective, even though the Thunder probably would have provided an easier road to a championship for the Cavs, this is the matchup that a lot of people wanted because they want revenge against Golden State. And Golden State, here in this town, has become the Pittsburgh Steelers the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Yankees, the Detroit Tigers. They’re in that conversation with how much sports hate there is for the Warriors in this town.”
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MIKE HAYNES – 6/2/16

“But today, I think the NFL is a different NFL. They have different things in place to deal with some the challenges of having a team in Las Vegas might bring. But because they’re focused on growing the sport and making it a worldwide sport, I think they’re able to talk to different travel agencies about bringing fans from Japan, Mexico, Europe, Canada – all over. A lot of folks love that town. It’s the entertainment capital of the world.”
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Boston Globe columnist

“That’s not the game. The Warriors do everything great, we know. But Oklahoma City outplayed them in almost every aspect of the game except the three-point shot, and I’d hate to see that become the deal-breaker.”
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