Don’t believe the rumors. Art Briles is done at Baylor, and, in all likelihood, he’s done coaching – at least coaching anywhere that matters.

“I find it hard to believe he’ll be able to ever get another major college head-coaching job because of how incriminating that report is,” Fox Sports college football writer Stewart Mandel said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Now, his apologists will point to the fact that he’s not named in (the findings). It’s always referencing football staff, football program, etc., but it was his football program – and there’s some pretty stark terms in there. The actions of his staff endangered the campus. Well, if a year from now a school who wants to really energize their program, win football games, sure, there’s going to be that faction of fans that say, ‘Go hire Art Briles. He’s a great coach.’ But I just can’t see how any university president, who has a responsibility to the campus and the community and the students there would sign off on that, knowing what he’s accused of here.”

Baylor is reportedly thinking of bringing Briles back after a one-year suspension, but it won’t happen. This is likely just an example of boosters trying to puff their chests, throw their weight around and, in essence, feel important.

They’re not.

“In this case, Baylor’s problem is there’s nobody in charge,” Mandel said. “They fired the president, they fired the AD, they fired the football coach – I don’t think anybody’s really running the ship right now and they’ve let these comments hang out there. A school with effective leadership (will) come right out and squash that (and say), ‘He’s not coming back as the coach. We made up our minds. We made our decision.’ They’ve let this hang out there and continue to become a story, and I’m sure for a lot of people out there who just see the headlines and aren’t necessarily reading the details, they think this is coming from Baylor itself – not from the part-owner of the Texas Rangers (Bob Simpson), who has no direct role at Baylor, but is obviously a fan of Baylor football.”


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