ADAM KRAMER – 6/13/16
Bleacher Report college football writer

“This is a really hot issue, and when people hear ‘Eighth grader being recruited’ it makes a lot of their skin crawl. I don’t necessarily feel that way. Jesus Machado talked to his family, talked to his coach. I’ll be honest: I came away very impressed in how they handled this. Now keep in mind: This is an eighth grader who plays varsity football and had 12 sacks and nearly 100 tackles this year. he’s 6-1, 195 pounds – so this is not your average eighth-grader.”
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SEAN DEVENEY – 6/13/16
Sporting News NBA writer

“They just don’t fit together. They’re going to have to see what they can get. I think Kevin Love winds up being your fall guy (if the Cavs lose). Obviously you can’t fire the coach again. That’s not going to get you anywhere, so I think it will wind up being Love who gets put on the trade block and probably is dealt.”
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Fox Sports college football writer

“Now, his apologists will point to the fact that he’s not named in (the findings). It’s always referencing football staff, football program, etc., but it was his football program – and there’s some pretty stark terms in there. The actions of his staff endangered the campus. Well, if a year from now a school who wants to really energize their program, win football games, sure, there’s going to be that faction of fans that say, ‘Go hire Art Briles. He’s a great coach.’ But I just can’t see how any university president, who has a responsibility to the campus and the community and the students there would sign off on that, knowing what he’s accused of here.”
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TIM CAPSTRAW – 6/15/16
NBA analyst

“He may never fit again in Cleveland, but it’s interesting how it’s playing out. I’m not a plus-minus guy, but he was still plus-18 (in Game 5). He was on the floor. It doesn’t seem like he does a lot, but he was okay when he was on the floor. In my mind, he’s got to get more rebounds. He’s got to get more loose balls. So often this year, the game came to him with open threes. He’s just got to go mix it up like everybody else and just go after it and try to do some damage on the interior and try to rebound the ball and be a factor that way.”
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Las Vegas mayor

“We are a place where it is happening all the time, and i think the name Las Vegas, which has worldwide resonance, will be a call to everybody, ‘Let’s invest in this.’ We see the growth and the potential here.”
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