Cleveland held a parade for NBA champion Cavaliers on Wednesday, and it was everything that Ken Carman hoped it would be.

“Oh, it was glorious,” Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Absolutely glorious. The crowd was everything I wanted it to be. It was really everything that I ever imagined. It was glorious in every sense of the word.”

If Carman sounds emotional or over-the-top, well, that’s what it means to be a sports fan in Cleveland. After more than a half century of athletic futility, Cleveland finally has something to cheer about.

This title, truly, changes everything.

“Well, we tie a lot to sports,” Carman said. “Cleveland, we’ve always had a bit of a complex, and it’s been deserved. There’s a lot of cheap shots taken toward Cleveland. There were people from other cities (talking) about how people were making jokes even today. Now it’s kind of been quieted down. I think Cleveland’s done a lot over the last decade – and a lot of people are hoping to be able to show that off during the convention coming up here next month – but Cleveland’s done a lot to try to right their wrongs, get their fiscal belt corrected, get their fiscal belt tightened, get a lot of things corrected and fix a lot of the problems that they’ve had. There’s been a couple steps forward and a couple steps back. We found that out last summer with some of the police stuff and things like that where people were protesting and they had to get their affairs in order.

“But Cleveland’s been a proud city,” Carman continued, “and they’ve been trying to put things on in the best way for a long time. The people here are pretty great people, so they wanted to show off how much the city really has grown over the last decade. I think in a lot of ways that a championship really solidifies that – because people get really autobiographical about it. You don’t just think about the team. You don’t really cry for the Cavs or the Browns. You cry for the family members. Sports brings people together and it’s a really nice thing. Sometimes you don’t always get along why your old man, but you can always talk about the Browns. You can always talk about the Cavs and Indians. So when I think people get emotional, they think about their neighbors, they think about their city and then they think about their families as well.”


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