Last week, the New York Knicks had internal discussions about acquiring Derrick Rose. Now they’re apparently having internal discussions about acquiring Kevin Durant.

Really? Do the Knicks really think they have a legitimate shot at landing Durant?

“I want to say take that with a grain of salt,” CBS-2 in NY’s Steve Overmyer said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “But the last thing that came out about the Knicks and their pursuit of Derrick Rose turned out to be true. So maybe the Knicks will be in pursuit of Durant. I just don’t know how he would fit into what they’ve already admitted is keeping the triangle offense and getting the finances to go along with it.”

But why would any player, especially one of Durant’s caliber, want to come to the Knicks? They’ve been poorly run for almost two decades and have missed the playoffs in 11 of the last 15 years.

“I absolutely agree,” Overmyer said. “It’s about championships. I couldn’t blame any NBA player for turning down the Knicks. But understand this isn’t Sacramento. We’re not in Green Bay. We’re in New York. This affords you many more opportunities. What happens if you’re the guy who turns the Knicks around? What happens if you want the challenge? You have to believe the Knicks are a sleeping giant – not the roster, but the franchise.”

That may be so – and if Durant were to win a title in New York, he’d be a god for life. But Durant has said all along that his future will be a basketball decision, and from a basketball standpoint, Durant in New York doesn’t make much sense.

“How does he fit into what they want to do offensively? Or defensively, for the matter?” Overmyer asked. “If Kristaps Porzingis is going to be the 5, is he going to be a shot-blocking 5? Is this really going to be a high-post triangle offense with the ball coming through Kristaps Porzingis and everyone else running the triangle around him? Or is he going to be a defender down low? Where Durant would fit into that picture, the puzzle pieces don’t seem to match up.”


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