ADAM THE BULL – 6/20/16
92.3 The Fan host

“But before this series and certainly before LeBron came back, it was all about that. It was, ‘It’s never going to happen. We’re jinxed. We’re cursed. Something is going to go wrong. Something’s going to go bad.’ That was always the feeling, but LeBron changed that. LeBron gave people hope and gave them optimism and there was a lot of confidence in this team going into the series.”
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Former Browns RB

“I’m really thrilled and actually probably more free because a championship is there. But when ‘Believeland’ came out, I think it really started a process. When we did the interview, it started the process of healing that I think has continued through even up until this championship. I think it’s going to continue for the people and fans of Cleveland and the surrounding area.”
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“That’s my mindset. I think we need more research, more studies (and need) to make the game as safe as possible and give everybody all the information that they need. That’s the bottom line.”
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SAM VECENIE – 6/21/16 draft insider

“There are so many issues with the way that he defends and how he kind of comes out out of control and doesn’t really give effort all the time on that end of the floor. So I would say that Chriss is a really big question mark – and I know that this 2016 draft is relatively weak and full of question marks, but he’s a little bit too much of a question mark to end up selecting.”
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NBA TV analyst

“He’s not even sniffing an All-Star level right now. But you get him motivated, you get him out of a system that made him worse the last couple of years, you give him a fresh start, you give him Phil Jackson – who knows? At least he’s there and the opportunity is there. I think you have noting to lose. You’re not going to be worse off by having Derrick Rose run your offense than Jose Calderon.”
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KEN CARMAN – 6/22/16
Cleveland 92.3 The Fan host

“Absolutely glorious. The crowd was everything I wanted it to be. It was really everything that I ever imagined. It was glorious in every sense of the word.”
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Former NFL RB

“When you look at the amount of carries I had during that time and the things that I did then compared to what I was doing before, I think you can see my carries went way down. It was really a little bit different.”
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CBS 2 NY reporter

“But the last thing that came out about the Knicks and their pursuit of Derrick Rose turned out to be true. So maybe the Knicks will be in pursuit of Durant. I just don’t know how he would fit into what they’ve already admitted is keeping the triangle offense and getting the finances to go along with it.”
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