SNY’s Alexa Datt played softball growing up, so she could relate to baseball. She likes baseball. But football was her first love.

“I’ve been a Redskins since as long as I can remember,” Datt said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Football was really big in my house. My grandparents were Steelers fans growing up. They went to Penn State, so football was a big thing in my house. I always rooted for the Redskins. Baseball was a thing, but it wasn’t the thing. Football was more of a thing for me.”

Datt was encouraged when the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III. She was even more encouraged when he had a great rookie season in 2012.

Then things went downhill in a hurry.

“It’s tough,” Datt said. “He is such a good guy. I’ve gotten to know him a little bit personally. This is going to sound negative just because of what’s going on in our country right now, but he is like a politician – but in a good way. He controls the room when he walks into the room and everyone turns and faces RG3 and wants to talk to him, and he addresses everyone and can address you by your first and last name. He just remembers every little thing about a past conversation (and is accommodating when it comes) to pictures or an autograph. Whatever the situation is, he just runs the room. Watching him then be sidelined and then become persona non grata was a really tough thing for Redskins fans. You were waiting for the organization to build around him and they didn’t. Instead, they went in a different direction.”

In fact, the Redskins sometimes sat Griffin even when he was healthy.

“That was really tough to have us watch,” Datt said. “But at the same time, he’s such a good guy that you really didn’t see it affect him. It sucked. It sucked as a fan because I love him and I think watching him kind of deteriorate and watching his health be put at risk every single time he is back there is tough. But I’m really excited for him to go to the Browns and excited for him to have a new opportunity and hopefully to have a system built around him so he can succeed.”

Datt is also excited for Griffin to play in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium, which, for her, has to be an upgrade over FedEx Field.

“Oh my gosh, that stadium is garbage,” Datt said of FedEx. “That is a terrible stadium. It’s awful. I don’t know why anyone goes there. Parking is awful, the food is terrible – there’s no fun about it. I’m waiting for them to build a completely new stadium before I go back.”

The stadium, which opened in 1997, is less than 20 years old.

“It has nothing to do with how old it is,” Datt said. “It has everything to do with how garbage it is. It’s just a bad stadium. It’s a concrete block that they just dropped in the middle of nowhere.”


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