Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show on Thursday to discuss the 100th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island on Monday, as well as competitive eating in general.

Chestnut won the annual Nathan’s contest eight years in a row from 2007-14, but Stonie won it in 2015, downing 62 hot dog sin 10 minutes. Chestnut downed 60 last year, this after downing 68 and 69 in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

DA welcomed his guests by offering them themed hot dogs to eat: a breakfast hot dog with cereal, bananas and syrup, a PB&J hotdog, and a pizza hot dog with marinara, pepperoni and parmesan, among other themes.

“I wish I could eat them all, but I can’t really eat tonight,” Chestnut said. “I’ve eaten a couple (tonight), but I’m on a pretty strict routine right now. But you can make it and I’ll agree to eat it some other day. I’m not eating tonight.”

No hot dogs at all?

“I can look at it and critique it,” Chestnut said. “I hate to be a Debbie Downer. It’s pretty much a cleanse day because I’m getting ready. Tomorrow we’ll have to eat one for media, (but) it’s the end of the night, brother. You’re not putting anything in me unless you’re paying me big. You’re not that cute.”

Eventually, the two sides compromised and Chestnut agreed to have a few bites. After all, what’s a few bites when you’re going to eat 70 in a few days?

“We’re going to eat 70,” Chestnut acknowledged, “but that’s like telling Jenna Jameson, ‘Oh, you can do all this? Why don’t you just do this one for free?’ We’re committed to a contest for competition. It doesn’t mean we got to do it every second. It was in my schedule (to eat two hot dogs earlier today). This was not. This was a little bit of a surprise. I’m not a (trained) monkey.”

Nevertheless, Chestnut sampled a s’mores hotdog with graham crackers, chocolate syrup and marshmallows, while Stonie opted for the breakfast hot dog.

“I’m actually really happy I took a bite of this,” Chestnut said. “It was really funny.”


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