Fox Sports analyst

“The Indians, for 95 percent of this year, have been without their best player. Michael Brantley has been out. He only came back for a cup of coffee. He’s been out the whole year, don’t know when he’s coming back, and if he does, don’t know if he’s going to be effective or not – and for a team that isn’t loaded top to bottom with unbelievable offensive players, that’s a big deal.”
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PHIL STEELE – 6/28/16
College football analyst

“A lot of my power ratings call for Washington to win 11 games this year, and if they do that, they’ve got a great shot at winning the Pac-12 and they’d be a dark horse title contender.”
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Chargers DE

“From my teammates, the most sack-dance ideas I’ve gotten have been from the offensive linemen, and they just have the goofiest, the silliest, ideas. So right now, I have no ideas of my own. I’m just taking them from everybody else. You guys are free to throw one out there, too.”
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ALEXA DATT – 6/29/16
SNY Mets host

“Football was really big in my house. My grandparents were Steelers fans growing up. They went to Penn State, so football was a big thing in my house. I always rooted for the Redskins. Baseball was a thing, but it wasn’t the thing. Football was more of a thing for me.”
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DON BEEBE – 6/29/16
Former NFL WR

“That was my first reflection that I had. I was the safety guy 10 yards behind Favre when he was kneeling down. I remember looking up at the clock and I’ll never forget watching that 10, 9, 8 ticking off and the gun goes off. My initial thoughts went to Bill Polian and Marv Levy and Jim Kelly and all my friends and teammates. I felt really kind of guilty. Why me? Why am I the guy that gets to do this when there are so many guys more deserving? And the fans in Buffalo and Ralph Wilson. It was an emotional time, yet very exciting. But man, my first thoughts were to the guys back in Buffalo and the people back there.”
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Former NFL LB

“It was proven that way in practice. He would just tell us to go inside and practice for the team wasn’t over. The head coach, the late great Jack Pardee wouldn’t say too much about it when he told us to go in. We were in the two minute drill so the offense could practice the two minutes and we intercepted the ball. That’s when Buddy said ‘Two minute drill is over for the defense. Defense can go in’.”
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Former hot dog eating champion

“I’ve eaten a couple (tonight), but I’m on a pretty strict routine right now. But you can make it and I’ll agree to eat it some other day. I’m not eating tonight.”
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