HOWARD BECK – 7/5/16
Bleacher Report NBA writer

“If he’s not confident that Westbrook wants to be there long-term, if he thinks that there’s a good chance that he would walk away, I think the trade happens before opening night, not at the trade deadline. He traded James Harden, I think it was in October, when those contract negotiations broke down and they decided they didn’t want to pay him the max. They tend to get out ahead of things. They traded Serge Ibaka on draft night with him going into a contract year. You could always make the case that you should wait, but when you wait, now a guy’s on an expiring deal with only a couple of months left. Now he looks like he might be a rental. You could almost say you’re trying to auction him off to the highest bidder at that point. But I think in this case, if Westbrook is going to be traded, they’re better off doing it before training camp.”
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BRIAN KENNY – 7/6/16
MLB Network host

“Not that they’re not allowed to play the player that they just signed, but I was surprised. I did MLB Tonight (on Tuesday) and I was in the meeting with Cliff Floyd and Tom Verducci in the afternoon, and we were talking about it hours before the game. I said, ‘Well, are they going to ease him in? How are they going to bring him back?’”
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DOC GOODEN – 7/7/16
Former MLB pitcher

“Lenny is like a brother to me. We played in the minors together. When we first got called up, he stayed with me for the first two years. I love Lenny. But at the same time, I had to call him out when you do stuff like that. I understand his opinions, but guys that you eat with, you slept with, you bleed with – certain things have to stay in house. But maybe he has his own reasons for doing that. I don’t know.”
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Former Gators WR

“I could care less what they think. Once you play at Florida, it’s almost like your brain-washed. This is a hate that’s going to last forever. I love (former Florida State and NFL linebacker) Buster Davis. I grew up with him. He stayed nights in my house. But it’s one of those things that, when it’s time to play, I cannot stand the team. That was one of those games where I guess we kind of took them lightly, but not really. It’s one of those games (we knew we would win). The game was close.”
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