The 1991 Miami Hurricanes are one of most talented teams in college football history. The Hurricanes, with future NFL talent up and down the roster, went 12-0 and beat Nebraska 22-0 in the Orange Bowl to win a share of the national championship with Washington.

Fromm Warren Sapp to Dwayne Johnson, from Leon Searcy to Gino Torretta, the Hurricanes were stacked. But they were still able to forge an underdog mentality.

“We always looked at it and we talked about it as us against the world,” former Hurricanes wide receiver Lamar Thomas said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “We knew when we came into your building, your environment, your fans weren’t even there to see you; they were there to see us. That’s the way we looked at it. As we were on the bus, we’d say, ‘These people are paying their money to see us today. Let’s give them what they want.’ We knew at the end of the show, as we called it, at the end of the game, we were going to give you your money’s worth. Most of the time, we definitely understood people didn’t like us, but we were okay with that because we were so close-knit. (We’re) brothers to this day. When we worked out, we talked amongst ourselves about the fact that we’re doing this for each other. We know people are going to hate us, and we don’t care. We’re going to keep winning. We’re going to make you hate us.”

Thomas remembers playing against teams with fancy facilities. That angered the Hurricanes.

“We would take it out on you,” he said. “When we would walk into your stadium and it’s so nice and your locker room’s great – we were down at Coral Gables and our locker room was crappy – we were going to take it out on you a little bit, just because. But it gave us something to play for. It gave us a lot to play for.”


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