Sometimes at the tail end of free agency, NBA teams – if they have money left over – will sign players they don’t necessarily need. If the player makes you better, great. If not, you flip that player at the trade deadline for draft picks.

That could happen to Dwyane Wade in Chicago.

“If you’re the Chicago Bulls, from a basketball standpoint, Dwyane Wade makes no sense,” FS1 and Fox Sports Radio’s Nick Wright said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “You’ve got Fred Hoiberg, who wants to do pace and space, so you add another guy who can’t shoot threes to go along with Rajon Rondo, who can’t shoot threes and Jimmy Butler, who shot 31 percent last year. That doesn’t make sense. Your best player is a shooting guard (and you) add a 34-year-old shooting guard? That doesn’t make a ton of sense. If it doesn’t work out and December 15 rolls around, you know the Cavs will trade for him.”

That’s right. Wright believes that Wade and LeBron James could be teammates once again.

“(The Cavs will) give up Shumpert and Channing Frye so the salaries work and give you a couple first-round picks,” Wright said. “This part is not conjecture; this is a fact. It is a fact that in Miami there was real concern that if Wade signed with the Nuggets, it was purely because the Nuggets would be planning to trade him to Cleveland for draft picks. I don’t know that’s out of the picture just because he signed with Chicago.”

But would the Cavs really want Wade at this point of his career, especially after they won a championship?

“I don’t know. Does LeBron want him?” Wright asked. “You’re not giving up much. You could make a strong argument that in the Eastern Conference playoffs, the three best players last year were Kyrie, LeBron and Dwyane Wade. Wade was outstanding in the postseason last year. He was good for a Miami team that got to the seventh game of the second round without Chris Bosh and with Hassan Whiteside injured during the playoffs. You wouldn’t trade Kevin Love for Dwyane Wade, but I don’t think you’d have to. Ultimately, what matters is this: What does LeBron want? Because LeBron gets to be the coach and the GM and the best player. If LeBron wants it, Dan Gilbert does it.”


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