College football fans clamored for a playoff for years, and once they got it, they clamored for more teams. Yes, in the inaugural year of the College Football Playoff, when Ohio State played Alabama and Florida State played Oregon, fans couldn’t help but wonder what the playoff would have looked like with TCU and Baylor and another team or two in the mix.

Why stop at four teams? Why stop at six? Why not go to eight? What fans want, fans often get. But not this time. Not now, anyway.

“I don’t see that coming,” College Football Playoff executive chairman Bill Hancock said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show, referring to expanding the playoff field. “I really don’t. There’s no talk in our group about expanding. We have a 12-year contract for the four-(team) tournament as it is. Ten more to go. There’s just no talk about expanding.”

Still, the executive committee has to be feeling some pressure to expand, right? This has been a topic of conversation as soon as the College Football Playoff was unveiled.

“Fans love it, coaches appreciate it, athletes have had good experiences so far playing in the two playoffs – it’s been a tremendous success,” Hancock said. “But we’re not really feeling (pressure) at this point. You may have to have me back on the show in year 2026 and we can talk about it again. But at this point, no, we’re not feeling pressure to expand.”

Hancock wouldn’t offer a prediction for this year’s playoff, but he did point out an interesting tidbit about this year’s playoff rankings.

“The first ranking comes out Nov. 1,” he said. “How about this: Our second ranking comes on Tuesday, Nov. 8. There will be another ranking going on in the country at the time that day between that lady from Arkansas and that gentleman from New York. So it’ll be interesting to see how much buzz there is about the playoff rankings on election night.”


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