Spurs reporter

“He gets here, and since he got here, there’s been no team in any of the four pro sports that has a better winning percentage than Tim Duncan does. You add the five titles – and specifically within those titles, you look at the specifics (that) Tim Duncan worked with. He never worked with a fellow top-10 NBA (player) of all time.”
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CATO JUNE – 7/11/16
Former Colts LB

“Anybody that’s been able to win a championship on the professional level understands the meaning of that. But winning against the Patriots, who had put us out several times, at home, in that fashion – it’s tough to beat. That’s high on the list. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my Super Bowl ring and I love the rain in Miami and all that, but being able to finally beat the Patriots in that fashion at home, that was an incredible moment.”
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Former Packers DT

“Brett was a players’ guy. He loved each and every individual in that locker room. At the end of the day, he just wanted to go onto the field and kick some tail and wanted to talk a lot of trash and enjoy everything and every aspect of it in between. He did a great job of the camaraderie and he just really wanted to be one of the guys.’
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DAVE ODOM – 7/12/16
Former Wake Forest head coach

“Fortunately I had on my staff a guy who had some experience in the Caribbean. His name was Larry Davis. I put him on the case and 24 hours later, we had Tim’s name and his telephone number.”
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Bleacher Report SEC writer

“Really, he was doing his job. To kind of put some context into what happened, it’s very frustrating for us on Nick Saban day. You do not get a lot of Nick Saban availability in the offseason, and in that main ballroom that you see on ESPN and the SEC Network, you really don’t get to ask the questions because he’ll filibuster for half the time. Three or four people will get the mic and you’re done. So you sort of have to work with the ebbs and flows, especially with a guy like Saban who recognizes that some tough questions are coming and will filibuster on other questions to run the clock out, so to speak.”
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Former NFL safety

“That ranks right up there with losing my younger brother. Even still right now, that cuts so deep because when you have a defense – we were so dominate that day. Those guys had less than 150 yards total offense in four quarters, and you still lose the ball game? When you tell people that, (they say), ‘There’s no way you guys lost.’ But at the end of the day, scoreboard dictates who wins. We don’t own any regrets, but a lot of us still harbor ill feelings towards those Penn State guys.”
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BILL HANCOCK – 7/14/16
College Football Playoff executive chairman

“How about this: Our second ranking comes on Tuesday, Nov. 8. There will be another ranking going on in the country at the time that day between that lady from Arkansas and that gentleman from New York. So it’ll be interesting to see how much buzz there is about the playoff rankings on election night.”
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JIM LEYRITZ – 7/14/16
Former Yankee great

“He pretty much gave Joe every decision to make on the field, but he was not held accountable for any of them. That combination of him and Joe Torre, I have never seen anything better in the game and they rode that out all the way through 2003.”
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