Comedian Vic Dibitetto is 55 years old, pees pinstripes and saw his first baseball game at old Yankee Stadium – “The Cathedral,” as he called it. But watching this season – the Yankees are 52-48, six-and-a-half games back of the Orioles in the AL East and just traded Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs – hasn’t been easy.

Dibitetto vented some of his frustration Tuesday night on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show.

“The knocking down of the cathedral was . . . a mortal sin,” he said. “Wrigley is still going. Fenway is still going – built the year the Titanic sunk. Couldn’t they refurbish it? Because now when you go to this ballpark, you can’t say, ‘That’s where Maris tripled. That’s where Mickey Mantle homered.’ Now you go to to the ball park, (and it’s), ‘Oh, that’s where Teixeira pulled his left nostril.’ These guys, they’re pulling muscles I never heard of. What the hell is a hibiscus? I thought that was a flower. It’s different. I’m old school. This pitch count has to stop. If the pitcher’s doing good, leave him in until your fricking arm falls off. When’s the last time you saw a complete game? I don’t remember. And the shift? It’s insane. Half the fricking defense is on this side. McCann, once in a while, bunt down the third base line. Just surprise me. Just for a fluke, bunt the fricking ball. You might get a hit. As far as Girardi is concerned, look, I don’t hate Joe Girardi. I don’t hate Teixeira. But I say what most Yankee fans are thinking. Girardi is a politically correct manager. It’s too much with the stats. Go with your guts, Joe. Bunt the fricking ball. Let’s have a hit and run – let’s try something different to spark this lethargic, boring team. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch the Yankees.”


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