RODDY JONES – 7/26/16
ACC Network analyst

“I think they’ve done a pretty decent job recruiting. I think the days of locking down South Florida the way they did in the ’90s and ’80s, I think those days are gone. Recruiting is way too national. These guys take trips all over the country in high school, so it makes it tougher to keep all of that talent in South Florida. But if you can get the best ones, then I think he’s going to have a shot to restore Miami.”
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“Wrigley is still going. Fenway is still going – built the year the Titanic sunk. Couldn’t they refurbish it? Because now when you go to this ballpark, you can’t say, ‘That’s where Maris tripled. That’s where Mickey Mantle homered.’ Now you go to to the ball park, (and it’s), ‘Oh, that’s where Teixeira pulled his left nostril.’ These guys, they’re pulling muscles I never heard of. What the hell is a hibiscus? I thought that was a flower. It’s different. I’m old school. This pitch count has to stop. If the pitcher’s doing good, leave him in until your fricking arm falls off. When’s the last time you saw a complete game? I don’t remember. And the shift? It’s insane. Half the fricking defense is on this side. McCann, once in a while, bunt down the third base line. Just surprise me. Just for a fluke, bunt the fricking ball. You might get a hit. As far as Girardi is concerned, look, I don’t hate Joe Girardi. I don’t hate Teixeira. But I say what most Yankee fans are thinking. Girardi is a politically correct manager. It’s too much with the stats. Go with your guts, Joe. Bunt the fricking ball. Let’s have a hit and run – let’s try something different to spark this lethargic, boring team. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch the Yankees.”
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ALBERT BREER – 7/27/16
The MMQB writer

“Here’s the thing. You go back to 2014 when we had the Ray Rice case, the Adrian Peterson case and then of course the Hardy case. You look at who got second chances, and it’s not the guy who averaged 3.0 yards a carry at a devalued position. It’s the running back who does things that maybe three or four guys over the last 20 years have bene able to do in Adrian Peterson, and it’s the guy who has a premium skill in Greg Hardy.”
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NFL Hall of Famer

“But he came in as a rookie. He was (our second-round) pick. Our No. 1 pick was a wide receiver (David Verser), our No. 2 pick was a wide receiver and our No. 2 pick ends up being the star. But we knew that he would be successful after football in whatever he did. It doesn’t surprise me, and I’m sure it doesn’t surprise a lot of this former teammates that he’s doing so well as an analyst.”
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CHARLES MANN – 7/28/16
Former NFL DE

“They had Deion Sanders, who was beginning to be Prime Time. They had M.C. Hammer, who was trying to do a video during the course of the game and before the game and whatnot. So they show up, they’ve got a coach that’s leaving tickets for Elvis – it was just a really weird thing. It would have been different if they were doing this in Atlanta, but they came to our house trying to perform and do all these things with M.C. Hammer on their sidelines, and we let them have it. I mean, we went after them.”
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Former NFL WR

“Fourteen years clean. I just need to say this: I wish they would have had programs back then. I loved the game. I knew (the end) was going to come. If you’re addicted, you want to stop, but it’s an addiction, a disease. I thought I was stronger than the drug, but I wasn’t. Not even close. I knew when I went out (to San Diego), I was going to get cut. I wasn’t going to get a second chance. There was a reason why I went from one coach to the other.”
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