Former NFL WR

“It’s funny because I’ve been asked that question a number of times lately, but I’m not worried. I’ve said it the same way every time someone asks me that question: I don’t have time to worry. I have a beautiful wife, two teenage kids that need me right now, and they need my spirit, my soul, and my body to be with them and to help carry them and support them. I don’t have time to worry about it. At the end of the day, whatever God has for me, he has for me. So I cannot sit around and worry about it right now.”
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Oregon head coach

“We don’t need to look any further than that. We certainly took some steps to address that in the offseason in bringing in Brady Hoke as our new defensive coordinator. As good as you can be in an offseason managing all the ins and outs of that through spring ball, installing a defense, instilling an attitude and an discipline about the way we’re playing – he’s been phenomenal. We haven’t stopped one person yet, but we’re sure hoping that carries over. Everybody wants a better product on the field, and that was a place where we just needed a little bit different voice, different direction. So far, so good. But that remains to be seen.”
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CHAD BROWN – 8/3/16
Pac-12 Network analyst

“It’ll be very difficult for them to gain any ground in that conference after playing such a lower level of football for a while.”
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Former NFL WR

“Most people, when you’re on that level, are good friends and do get along. But I don’t think it’s necessary. Just as long as you trust each other, you go out there and you work hard, I think it can be successful. Obviously it helps having a close relationship between quarterback and receiver, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.”
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Former Packers FB

“If I can’t trust a man, if I’m going out there putting blood, sweat and tears on the field, then everybody had better be willing. I don’t care if you’re a quarterback making $100 million or not. You better show up. I would have played for free if the opportunity was available for me to play versus a team in my division. Again, that’s just me, and that’s how I feel about the game.”
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Oklahoma City sports anchor, reporter

“I would imagine that his new persona isn’t going to stay here very long. I think he’ll be more focused (on) basketball and not so much in terms of trying to be happy-go-lucky (during) the season.”
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