Showtime Sports Executive VP, GM 

“That’s sometimes an issue even with retired athletes who go into the announcing booth and really aren’t as candid as you feel like they might or could be simply because you don’t like commenting on your former teammates.  Brandon has found a way to do that in a candid way that feels authentic and that he’s comfortable with. That’s a rare thing. For him to be able to say ‘Look Tony Romo’s a great quarterback, I’d love to have him on the team.’ To be able to praise and criticize honestly other players, there’s a level of courage that that takes that I think few players have.”
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DAVE DOEREN – 8/9/16
NC State head coach

“I think there’s comfort there for him, but Jalan’s got a tremendous arm, he’s put the time in here, he’s a great leader and he’s competing his butt off. He looks like he knows what he’s doing. We’ve got to get him into these two-minute drives and these continual move-the-ball-type periods you put them in – whether you’re backed up or in the red zone or after a turnover – and see how they handle different situations on the field. Giving them both enough of that, we can see who the right guy is to pick.”
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SEAN LANDETA – 8/10/16
Former NFL punter

“They talked about going to the fall and that just didn’t work. I’m sure there were talks about bringing a few USFL teams to the NFL because at that time Jacksonville, Baltimore, the state of Tennessee, they didn’t have football teams, which they do now. It’s such a shame because I think that league would still be going if they had stayed to their original plan of having salaries at a certain range and having football in the spring. It was a great league, a lot of great players, it just didn’t work.”
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Big Ten Network analyst

“Didn’t get it with Stanford, didn’t do it in San Francisco. So he is going to have to take it to the next step, I think, to be in the elite group of coaches like Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. But he’s doing everything else right, and right now he’s recruiting at a high level. And let’s be honest. In this culture, in America, all press is good press. The more people are talking about you, the more Michigan becomes a big deal. Everything he’s doing, he’s been putting a lot of hoopla out there and people are getting excited about it. I think he’s brilliant. The only thing he has to do now is follow that up by winning football games.”
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Utah head coach

“That was our Achilles heel. We know that, everybody knows that, that’s no secret – that’s got to improve. That really, in our estimation, is what kept us from winning a championship is our in ability to generate an effective enough throw game. That’s been a point of emphasis ever since the season ended. We’ve made that priority 1. If we want to compete for that championship this fall like we talk about, that’s got to happen as far as improving production in the throw game.”
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TYLER DUNNE – 8/11/16
Bleacher Report NFL writer

“This is a defense that is ready to take a Denver Bronco-like jump. To have two legitimate threats, Bruce Irvin on one side, Khalil Mack on the other side, a secondary that added Karl Joseph – there were no receivers open in any of the practices I saw there. And Derek Carr or whoever was at quarterback had next to no time to throw. I think this is a defense that could get to that next level next year. (There’s) a lot more young talent on the offensive side of the ball. I know every year there’s that one team that everybody talks about and they seem to let us down, but I’m buying stock in the Oakland Raiders. I think they’ll leapfrog Denver.”
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