If you’ve done any fantasy mock drafts – or if your league has already drafted – you’ve probably noticed something about Ezekiel Elliott: He’s going in the first round. In fact, he’s often being drafted in the first half of the first round.

“That’s too rich for my blood, personally,” fantasy football expert Brandon Marianne Lee said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “A little too much for me. I think that (the Cowboys) love him, they want to play him – it’s great. I don’t like that he hasn’t been on the field. I like to see my rookies at practice. I actually don’t care about my studs at practice. I always tell people to relax. If someone is an amazing player and never plays in the preseason, that’s fine. I don’t want them to play. I don’t want to see Adrian Peterson in the preseason. I have no interest in that. But I do want to see a rookie who’s never been in the NFL in the preseason. I want him to be learning what’s going on with his routes. Even though they’re short routes, he’s still going to have routes. They want to use him as a multi-dimensional back. He’s one of the best blockers that’s ever come out of college and that’s the reason so many people are so high on him. But still, that first round has so many good players.”

Antonio Brown. Odell Beckham, Jr. Julio Jones. Todd Gurley, Dez Bryant. David Johnson. A.J. Green.

“I just don’t see myself drafting him above those people,” Lee said.

Lee, by the way, fully support drafting Brown, Beckham and Jones ahead of the top-tier running backs.

“When it comes to safety, the wide receivers are more likely to repeat a stellar performance than running backs,” she said. “Eighty percent of the wide receivers from 2014 that got over 1,000 yards got over 1,000 yards again in 2015. That is not the case for running backs. If you get (a wide receiver) that’s good, they’re usually going to stay good – and that’s nice to hear. When it comes to running backs, it could be a little up and down. It’s a lot about the system, a lot about the offensive line. They just rely on too many other people, in my opinion.”


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