Model and author Lisa Ramos dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday night to discuss numerous topics, including, yes, her favorite football foods.

“I like being in the kitchen and cooking, so I have no problem making chicken wings or sandwiches or loaded fries,” Ramos said on The DA Show. “I like making upside-down pizza. It’s just like a lasagna. It’s like a layer of ground meat, sweet marinara sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and then you repeat that, and then you put Pillsbury crescent rolls on top, flat. It’s so good.”

The upside-down pizza contains no pasta. Just meat, sauce, pepperoni and cheese – layer after layer – until you get to the crescent rolls.

“It’s so good,” said Ramos, who also enjoys loaded fries with cheese, scallions, bacon, a fried egg and jalapeno. “Upside-down pizza. I can send (the recipe) to you.”


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