DINO BABERS – 8/22/16
Syracuse head coach

“The size of the private institution was the main reason why I came. I think this is a gold mine. I think we have the best home-field advantage in college football. We just got to put a product out on the field that gets the fans excited, gets the student body excited (so) they’ll come. You’ve been in the Carrier Dome. You know how it is when it gets rowdy in there. It can be a fabulous 12th Man that can give us a huge advantage at home.”
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JERRY BARCA – 8/22/16
Author of Big Blue Wrecking Crew

“Basically, the rift started after Parcells’ first year when he was 3-12-1, and George Young called Howard Schnellenberger at Miami to gauge his interest. Schnellenberger called his agent, who happened also to be Bill Parcells’ agent.”
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BEN UTECHT – 8/23/16
Former NFL TE

“I’ve always said that I would tell a vulnerable, authentic story, and at 29, leaving the game that I love to play and facing long-term memory gaps, yeah, I do have that fear. I think what’s interesting, though, is as an athlete what do you do in that situation and how do you choose to approach that type of situation? The way that I’ve chosen to approach that fear is to allow it to make me a better person. I think if anything, the fear of losing my memories in the future has made me realize how valuable every moment is in my life now, especially with my daughters. That has really motivated me to live every moment to its fullest, and that’s given me more purpose.”
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Fantasy football expert

“Eighty percent of the wide receivers from 2014 that got over 1,000 yards got over 1,000 yards again in 2015. That is not the case for running backs. If you get (a wide receiver) that’s good, they’re usually going to stay good – and that’s nice to hear. When it comes to running backs, it could be a little up and down. It’s a lot about the system, a lot about the offensive line. They just rely on too many other people, in my opinion.”
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MARK STOOPS – 8/24/16
Kentucky head football coach

“It also would have gave us that sixth victory, but I think it gave us a lot of motivation over this past year as well. You always got to learn from all of your experiences. Whether you win or lose, you’re always in a learning environment and trying to get better each and every day, each and every week. I definitely think we learned from some close losses a year ago.”
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Boston Globe columnist

“It’s certainly teed up for Tom Brady to be out of sorts about things. I’m sure the suspension is embarrassing and frustrating for him, and I think the team is looking at this as kind of a free pass to take a look at the next guy.”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 8/25/16
CBS college football analyst

“And they’re playing a very, very good football team right off the bat (Florida State), so it’ll be very important that Coach Freeze and his staff to really keep everything circled up, keep it very tight and concentrate on the task at hand. That’s what’s difficult when there’s talk and papers and blogs about different things and the investigations that are happening. It could be a huge, huge distraction.”
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LISA RAMOS – 8/25/16
Model, author

“I like making upside-down pizza. It’s just like a lasagna. It’s like a layer of ground meat, sweet marinara sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and then you repeat that, and then you put Pillsbury crescent rolls on top, flat. It’s so good.”
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