Von Miller has had quite the offseason media tour. He did the ESPY’s, he did Dancing with the Stars, he appeared on dozens of television shows and he gave countless interviews.

Miller isn’t the first Super Bowl MVP to ride the proverbial wave or try to catch lightning in a bottle, but for some reason, this time felt different.

“I think Von has found himself in a certain manner with the media,” Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports reporter Armen Keteyian said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “We don’t talk about this in the piece but off camera and in part of the interview, he talked about wanting to be sort of the next Michael Strahan. Take it for what it’s worth, but somebody that could be a multi-media, multi-platform personality. Whether that’s five years in the future or what, he seems to be modeling himself off of that post-career personality.”

Keteyian interviewed Miller for a 60 Minutes Sports profile that aired Tuesday evening. He interviewed several people for the piece, including Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak.

“I asked Gary Kubiak about it because obviously Von had, as you said, a very, very busy time,” Keteyian said. “I think he took 61 plane flights and was on 47 different television shows and did the ESPY’s and the body shoot and everything else. And Gary said, ‘You know, five years ago, six years ago, seven years ago, it would have upset me. But it doesn’t upset me right now. I know the kind of commitment that Von has made to this team. He came in in shape. He’s ripped. There’s no question he’s very, very fit.’ So we’ll see how it plays out. But I think what started off sort of as ‘let me catch the wave’ or lightning in a bottle turned into something where he feels now there could be a real future for him outside the game and after the game.”

Miller, 27, is a happy, fun-loving guy, but he’s also a bit eccentric. He says he has 60 pet chickens (one of whom is named Peyton Manning), 800 pairs of shoes and is really into fashion.

Does any of this feel forced or artificial, or is this just the type of guy he is?

“It didn’t feel forced and it didn’t feel artificial,” Keteyian said. “He’s just an interesting guy. I had a lot of fun with this profile. I can’t say I can say that about every single profile of a professional athlete I’ve ever done. Some of them having nothing beyond the field and all they can do is talk about the game. Von watches the National Geographic channel and he’s into the disintegration of corral reefs. We talked about time travel. But he’s a funny guy and he’s a fun guy and he enjoys life, and I just kept saying to myself, ‘God bless him. He’s a hell of an athlete and he’s a fabulous player.’ But beyond that, I think what he’s doing in his offseason has really helped him in what he’s doing in-season because he’s not so wrapped up in being a professional football player. He has a lot of different interests. From a correspondent perspective, you can’t ask for much more than we got with Von.”


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