Geoff Schwartz dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show on Tuesday night to discuss his new book – “Eat My Schwartz: Our Story of NFL Football, Food, Family, and Faith,” which he co-authored with his brother, Mitch – as well as several other hot-button topics, including Tim Tebow.

Schwartz, an all-league pitcher in high school, was not impressed with Tebow’s open workout last month. In fact, Schwartz, who is currently a free agent, was asked if he might give baseball a try one day.

“After his workout, yes,” the offensive lineman said. “You give me a month and I could hit the ball. I mean, come on. I could probably catch fly balls right now fine, too. I really don’t understand the fascination with (his workout). It was a staged workout. I read reports that he couldn’t even hit the curve in a staged workout. You give me a month, and I could put on a  good batting-practice display. I used to coach high school baseball. I could still field ground balls really well at third base.”

When he wasn’t pitching, Schwartz played first base.

“I can’t throw anymore (because of) my shoulder,” Schwartz said, “but I took ground balls. I showed the kids how to play first base. I can still do that. I think I’m going to put a workout on. If this whole football thing doesn’t work out, I’ll lose some pounds and just start mashing balls.”

Schwartz, 30, played college football at Oregon. A seventh-round pick in 2008, he has played for the Panthers, Vikings, Chiefs and Giants. He signed a one-year deal with the Lions in March but was released last week.

While Schwartz expects to be on another roster soon, his time off gives him a chance to focus on a newfound hobby of his: fantasy football.

“This is my fourth year,” Schwartz said. “The first two times I did it when I was hurt for the year – so 2011 and 2014. I was on IR. They were both friend things. And last year I played and I was healthy and it was fun. That was a group of media guys I kind of know. This year is the same group. A couple added, a couple left. But I don’t do the drafts. I outsource my drafts.”

Wait, seriously? But the draft is the best part!

“It’s always at the end of camp,” Schwartz said. “I’m not thinking about who’s the best wide receiver for my third slot. So I’ve outsourced the drafts. I’ve had a buddy do three of them, and last year I had Anita Marks do it. She’s like a fantasy football pro. She’s a ridiculous pro.”

Believe it or not, Schwartz has won every league he’s played in.

“I’m actually 3-for-3,” he said. “I’ve won three championships. I’m very good at the in-season matchup thing. But I have one rule: I basically don’t play anyone who’s playing us. I had DeMarco Murray in 2014. I’m not going to play him when he’s playing the Giants. That’s not cool. I did have a rule where I wouldn’t have anyone who’s on my team, but then I took Odell Beckham in 2014 before he got healthy. A little insider trading. I knew he was coming back. I took him and that broke my rule, but I feel like that was a good break. . . . I get no monetary value out of it. Just bragging rights.”

Schwartz likes his team this year.

“I took a flier on (Carson) Wentz on my fantasy team,” he said. “He’s my third quarterback. I had room to take a flier.  I’ll just keep him there. He’ll just chill. Maybe Week 14 you got a bad defense coming to town, the team’s packed it up already and I’ll drop him in there for a game. We’ll see.”

The Eagles, if you’re curious, host the Redskins in Week 14.


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