Given Tony Romo’s injuries in recent years, and given Dak Prescott’s stellar preseason play, the Dallas Cowboys could be transitioning to the next great quarterback in the franchise’s storied history.

“This could be the Drew Bledsoe/Tom Brady passing off the guard because Dak Prescott brings a different element to the game that Tony Romo can’t,” NFL on CBS analyst Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “His body can’t. He can’t be reckless with his body like that. Dak has no scar tissue. He has live legs, he has a live arm and he has confidence – and he has the support of his team. His teammates know that he can play. Everybody wants to discredit what he did during the preseason, but I can remember them doing that to another young, athletic quarterback that was drafted after the second round in Russell Wilson, and he just continued to prove and improve. With that offensive line, it’s going to afford him the extra second that quarterbacks need to process and go through the route tree and find those outlets and make smart decisions with the ball. And also, he has two running backs. Alfred Morris, I think, is one of the best pickups in the offseason. Downhill, quick runner.”

Scott believes that the Cowboys would be better with Prescott than with Romo. That said, Romo still brings certain things to the table that make him valuable.

“He gives them use of the entire playbook,” Scott said. “He can get them in and out of bad plays. Dak is going to have to eat some plays and make some things happen with his feet, and sometimes he’s going to be in a bad play. But that offensive line has shown that they can overcome being in a play that’s not perfect because they can get to the second level, they can make the reads, they can make the adjustments – because they’re just that talented. They’re going to give an element because now the back side end is going to have to stay at home because he’s a threat to run. So now when you give that zone run to Ezekiel, (it’s going to open up running lanes). They have to respect him like Vick.”

Still, even if Prescott has success and the Cowboys win some games, Scott believes the Cowboys will demote the 23-year-old rookie as soon as Romo is healthy.

“They’ll give him his job back because Jerry Jones has invested a lot in Tony Romo,” Scott said. “They’re going to give him his job back and see if he can still maintain the level of play. But if the team dips and loses some games, they might say, ‘Tony, your back’s still hurting. He had a setback.’ And they might shut him down that way.”

Elsewhere in the NFC, Scott has no idea why the Saints extended Drew Brees, who will receive $44.25 million guaranteed over the next two years.

“I don’t understand why they would give him any type of extension,” Scott said. “This team isn’t going to win anything the next two years. Right now, the most value for Drew Brees to the New Orleans Saints is to trade him or to let him walk away and free up that cap space so you can start from the bottom. Right now, I think Drew Brees is in that same spot that Brett Favre is in where he can bounce around and go to teams and be a hired gun, so to speak, so that they can win some football games and teams can try to get over the hump. Teams like the Jets that may need a quarterback that’s maybe past his prime but still good enough to be the best quarterback they’ve ever had.”


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