The New Orleans Saints are 0-3 and look incapable of contending for a playoff spot, much less a Super Bowl. So, once must sit back and wonder: is it time to hit the reset button and trade 37-year-old Drew Brees?

“Well, listen, I know Mickey (Loomis) well enough to know that he’s always going to do what’s best for that team,” NFL Network’s Heath Evans said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “The problem is you look at quarterbacks like Drew, Tommy, Peyton – Peyton minus the neck injury would still be balling at the level Drew and Tommy are. We try to count these years based on age, but yet, you have these quarterbacks like Tom and Drew that are still in there beating everybody with their minds every week. So as long as the mind is sharp, they keep the arm intact – and both of them have no issues right now – there’s probably for both of them three, four, five more good years. So you never say never because it is a business. You look at Brett Favre, you look at Peyton Manning, Joe Montana – these lists of first- and second-ballot Hall of Famers all ended up with other teams. So you never say never, but I just know Drew gives you a chance to win every game. If you got five minutes left in the game (and a chance to win), it’s because of Drew Brees. So we’ll see. I doubt it, but there’s always a chance.”

Sticking in the NFC, Evans also addressed Odell Beckham’s late-game antics on Sunday. The star wideout cried on the sideline toward the end of the Giants’ 29-27 loss to the Redskins. It’s nice that Beckham cares so much, but is that behavior a distraction?

“I don’t know the kid and so I hate judging people without firsthand knowledge of them,” Evans said. “We’ve all been in those stressful situations where you’re feeling like something should be played out so much better than what it is and you kind of lose it. I guess I would have to side with the head coach. The head coach says it’s a distraction. He knows that team best. My personal belief is that when you work as hard as he does and you show up – you never find a game tape where Odell is unprepared. You never see him run off the line at full speed and be surprised by what coverage he’s seeing in front of him. You see his effort in the blocking game. You see a complete young wide receiver that has added a lot to the NFL shield, so I think I give guys like that a pass. Ultimately, though, when you hurt your team, it’s got to be put in check. I’ve been around those passionate players that were great at self-policing themselves to keep it in check but would have your emotional outbursts at times. But the boy wants to win and I’m always down with that.”

Beckham had seven catches for 121 yards Sunday, which is great. But should he have cried?

“I can tell you this: Anybody that was going to second-guess him on his passion needs to be kicked off the team and cut today,” Evans said. “Listen, you want passion. We’ve got too many cupcakes in this league now just collecting a check – out there for their brand and how cute they can look at the podium after the game and don’t really care whether they win or lose or not. Again, I don’t know Odell, but I know this: He shows up prepared. The teams that I was on that were hunting for championships, there was a whole bunch of players just like him. They might have handled their emotions a little different. They might not have teared up on the sideline. But from one man to another, however you show your passion, however you’re trying to drive your teammate, however you got to deal with your hatred of losing and underperforming as a team, I’m okay with. If Heath Evans was the coach and I have teammates coming to Odell (telling him to) suck it up for crying and being too passionate about winning, bye-bye. Here’s your pink slip.”


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