There seem to be two schools of thought surrounding the Sunday-afternoon antics of Odell Beckham Jr. On the one hand, you love to see a player care that much about his team winning or losing. On the other hand, you hate seeing a grown man pout, whine, sulk and cry on national TV during Week 3 of the NFL season.

There’s no denying the school to which Bart Scott subscribes.

“I played with passion. I played with fire. But listen, man, all that other stuff – pouting and stomping – come on, man. That’s not in the man box,” Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “That’s not in the man’s manual. Come on back to the center of the man box. Right now you’re on the outskirts.”

Beckham had seven catches for 121 yards on Sunday but threw a tantrum during the fourth quarter of New York’s 29-27 home loss to Washington.

“He’s acting like a spoiled brat,” Scott said. “He does this all the time, man. He’s acting like a spoiled brat – a kid that always got what he wanted, (an) only child. You know how you (can tell) when people have brothers and sisters? Because they kind of understand how stuff goes, having to share. And then you go over somebody’s house and you beat them but they’ve been talking stuff to you all day. As soon as you beat them and you say something back, they (turn the game off or take their ball away). I had cousins like that.”

And Scott knew how to do with them.

“It didn’t bother me because I had my own stuff and I could go home and play,” Scott said. “But I used to kill my cousin, who didn’t have nothing. My cousin was raised by my grandma. He didn’t have no Atari. He didn’t have none of the games, man. When you told him he couldn’t play, he was crushed. He was devastated. That’s what Odell Beckham is acting like. He’s acting like a spoiled baby, man. Listen, it’s not going to always go your way. If you want the ball, pull your quarterback aside. Eli Manning shouldn’t have to waste his time and energy coming to the sideline telling you to calm down. Come on, man. Grow up, man.”

The Giants (2-1) play the Vikings (3-0) in Minnesota on Monday Night Football on Oct. 3. Kickoff is at 8:30 p.m. ET.


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