MIKE HAYNES – 9/26/16

“Well, I can tell you that that can’t happen. It just can’t happen. We were intimidators. The league does not allow that anymore. We intimidated other teams. We intimidated the officials. You just can’t do that anymore, and everybody knows it.”
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PETE THAMEL – 9/26/16
SI writer

“I honestly think so. They have the No. 6 recruiting class in the country right now. They have 20 verbal commitments. Everyone knows who they’re going to be targeting. It’s either Jimbo Fisher or Tom Herman. Les Miles can recruit. So you endanger that great recruiting class. You at least plant seeds of doubt in it because you have two months of flux. And then, you put your targets in sort of this hailstorm of speculative misery.”
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ANDRE REED – 9/27/16

“If you start 0-3, it’s not like the season’s over, but you’re kind of in a hole a little bit. They go to New England this week. That’s always a tough game – whoever’s playing quarterback. I don’t know who’s going to be playing quarterback for them this week, but it seems like Bill Belichick always has a way of bringing someone in and they play well. But they needed this win Sunday really bad.”
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HEATH EVANS – 9/27/16
NFL Network analyst

“Listen, you want passion. We’ve got too many cupcakes in this league now just collecting a check – out there for their brand and how cute they can look at the podium after the game and don’t really care whether they win or lose or not. Again, I don’t know Odell, but I know this: He shows up prepared. The teams that I was on that were hunting for championships, there was a whole bunch of players just like him. They might have handled their emotions a little different. They might not have teared up on the sideline. But from one man to another, however you show your passion, however you’re trying to drive your teammate, however you got to deal with your hatred of losing and underperforming as a team, I’m okay with. If Heath Evans was the coach and I have teammates coming to Odell (telling him to) suck it up for crying and being too passionate about winning, bye-bye. Here’s your pink slip.”
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BART SCOTT – 9/28/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“He does this all the time, man. He’s acting like a spoiled brat – a kid that always got what he wanted, (an) only child. You know how you (can tell) when people have brothers and sisters? Because they kind of understand how stuff goes, having to share. And then you go over somebody’s house and you beat them but they’ve been talking stuff to you all day. As soon as you beat them and you say something back, they (turn the game off or take their ball away). I had cousins like that.”
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PETE PRISCO – 9/29/16
CBSSports.com senior NFL columnist

“The reason I thought that was because I thought their defense was going to be special. Sometimes a defense that special can carry you to a certain level. Now you need the breaks to go your way once you get into the postseason when you play that style, but it can get you there. We saw that with Denver last year. We’ve seen it with Baltimore way back in the day when they won with their defense. We’ve seen it with Tampa Bay. But their defense is truly special.”
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RANDY CROSS – 9/29/16
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“He’s entertaining as hell and he’s a really good coach. He may be the kind of guy that can hold on to a job like that, but I think the LSU people did themselves no good from either a PR standpoint or any other standpoint. They exposed the business for what it is, and it’s a cold-blooded business. If you’re the next coach in there, get as much guaranteed upfront as possible – and you might want to charge a little extra because they won’t have your back when you need them.”
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