For a guy who has played in just one NFL game since the start of the 2015 season, Geno Smith has a lot of confidence in his future. The former second-rounder has said that he is too talented to be a backup quarterback in the NFL, even though he’s thrown 35 interceptions to just 27 touchdowns in his 31-game career.

“It’s good to have that confidence, but we’ve heard that from a number of former starting quarterbacks in the NFL,” CBS 2 NFL analyst Steve Overmyer said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “The thing is this: I was told once by an NFL executive you know what an NFL quarterback is in 10 quarters of play. There are three levels: a guy that can make it to the NFL, a guy that can play in the NFL and a guy who can win in the NFL. And you know which category these guys fit into. I think that Geno Smith is a guy who can play in the NFL. I don’t think that he’s a quarterback that’s going to lead you to victories in the NFL. But if this gives him confidence to say that, great. You want these guys to be confident. If I were a player in the NFL, I would feel like I’m the best player in the world. I would want to believe that because it doesn’t happen unless you believe it.”

As bad as Ryan Fitzpatrick has been – he has nine interceptions in his last two games – Overmyer doesn’t see the Jets making a change under center.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t think so – only because what are you changing to? We saw what Geno Smith brings to the table. He’s throwing 50 percent. Ryan Fitzpatrick was still moving the ball down the field.”

As someone told Overmyer, Fitzpatrick has the gunslinger mentality of Brett Favre, just not the arm.

“He likes to throw the ball all around,” Overmyer said. “He just doesn’t have the ability to get the ball there like Brett Favre had that ability. But he was still moving the ball down the field, even in that six-interception game. He was throwing interceptions in the end zone. He’s making bad reads at the worst possible time, and right now, he’s got a group of receivers that aren’t creating any separation and he’s trying to force the ball sometimes into double teams and triples teams with (Brandon) Marshall. Maybe he’s misreading the defenses, but I think that this team is going to stick with Fitz throughout the year unless this starts to look like it’s going to be a 3-13 season, a 5-11 season. Then maybe you start to dip into that 10 quarters with Bryce Petty and try to find out whether or not Bryce Petty can make things happen.”


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