If Aaron Rodgers doesn’t look right, well, that’s because he isn’t. Yes, the Packers (3-2) still have a winning record, and yes, they can still be a factor in the playoffs. But right now, the offense does not look good, especially not after Sunday’s embarrassing 30-16 loss to Dallas.

What is the problem in Green Bay? Bart Scott sees many, starting with the receiving corps.

“Jordy Nelson, you can’t ask him to be the vertical threat one year off of coming off an ACL surgery and expect him to be that deep threat,” Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It takes a year or maybe two to really feel normal again. And you got to think how old is Jordy Nelson? He’s not a spring chicken.”

Nelson is 31.

“They’re going to have to go out in free agency and get Aaron Rodgers somebody that can win at the line of scrimmage immediately,” Scott said. “(His receivers are) not open.”

Scott, however, believes Rodgers’ ability has regressed as well.

“At some point, we all have to come face-to-face with our mortality, right?” Scott said. “It was a lot easier for him to do it a year ago or two years ago. A year makes a big difference in sports. It’s not about (age). I’m saying when your skills start to diminish, it happens overnight. He can’t carry as much of the load as he’s been carrying. He has no run game. He has no receivers. Jordy Nelson really can’t get separation, so now Aaron Rodgers is trying to buy time in the pocket and make something happen. You can’t rely on that year in and year out. At some point, you have to go out and get this guy a real weapon. You have to get him a real running back. Eddie Lacy looks like he ate Eddie Lacy. Are you pregnant? What are you, about four months? He looks like he’s been sitting in Green Bay eating cheese curds for two weeks straight.”

Scott believes that Rodgers, who has gone 14 consecutive games without a 300-yard passing day, is no longer an elite quarterback.

“Rodgers dropped out of my top five,” he said. “I’ll go Brady, Ben, Philip, Brees – I can’t think of the No. 5. You can go Russell Wilson or Derek Carr. Aaron Rodgers is not playing well.”


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