MO VAUGHN – 10/17/16
Former MLB All-Star

“The ballplayers now up in Boston, they have it much easier. They don’t realize it, though. If you keep struggling and you keep losing, the tension wells up from the fans, media, writers – everything. It was a very tough place to play. You got the fan support, but the media, they were fans, too. So they were just taking it just as personally as your normal fan. They were fanatics like everybody else. So when we were losing, it was a tough place to play.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/17/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“It was a lot easier for him to do it a year ago or two years ago. A year makes a big difference in sports. It’s not about (age). I’m saying when your skills start to diminish, it happens overnight. He can’t carry as much of the load as he’s been carrying. He has no run game. He has no receivers. Jordy Nelson really can’t get separation, so now Aaron Rodgers is trying to buy time in the pocket and make something happen. You can’t rely on that year in and year out. At some point, you have to go out and get this guy a real weapon. You have to get him a real running back. Eddie Lacy looks like he ate Eddie Lacy. Are you pregnant? What are you, about four months? He looks like he’s been sitting in Green Bay eating cheese curds for two weeks straight.”
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EARNEST BYNER – 10/18/16
Former NFL RB

“The first day of training camp – nowadays they don’t get in pads the first couple days – but we were in pads, and we had the nutcracker drill. But Marty actually started us off in a wave of physicality that showed accountability. The day after the games, Marty was putting that dot on guys and holding us accountable about making plays or not making the plays the way that it was supposed to be. So Marty gave us a definite temperament but also that accountability level and the ownership of the team that he definitely trusted the guys.”
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DAVE REVSINE – 10/18/16
Big Ten Network analyst

“They started Brian Lewerke, who wasn’t very good, and then they brought in Tyler O’Connor, who’s had some bad games and then he was really good in the second half. So I don’t know. It just feels like one of those years where it’s a confluence of bad. Everything that could go wrong, has.”
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IAN RAPOPORT – 10/19/16
NFL Network analyst

“I think what they want to do is streamline it, but the problem is, whenever Belichick does anything, the publicity is crazy so it sort of has an outsized following because it’s him who argued it. And, he’s apparently very persuasive in the room, so I think a lot of people were interested, at least.”
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NFL on CBS analyst

“You never see that with Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers – these guys are always competing, they’re fighting, and their attitude and their body and language is, ‘Hey, next time we get the ball, we’re going to take it and we’re going to go down the field and we’re going to score and we’re going to get this thing figured out. I think Aaron Rodgers has to look in the mirror and try to find a way to inspire his teammates with the way he carries himself on a day-in and day-out basis instead of kind of exuding the image that he’s putting out there right now of being a little bit defeated at this point.”
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STEPHEN BAKER – 10/20/16
Former Giants WR

“The game was a lot different and we policed ourselves on the sideline. If I did some of the antics that he does – Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor, Pepper Johnson – one of those guys would have got up in my face and gotten me right back on track. But having said that, (Beckham) is a great athlete and a game-breaker. He’s just got to learn to control his emotions. His emotions could potentially cost us a game or two.”
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LINVAL JOSEPH – 10/20/16
Vikings DT

“We love each other in this locker room. We’re going to do whatever it takes. We all signed up for this, and we’re all in this train together. The train is going to keep moving no matter what, and we know that. We know we bring guys in that are good enough to start and who are good enough to contribute. I feel like Coach Zimmer (and general manager) Rick Spielman, they do a good job of bringing guys in who want to compete and who want to be great. That’s the secret to the madness.”
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