The Jacksonville Jaguars were supposed to contend for a division championship this season. Instead, they’re 2-4 in a mediocre AFC South.

How bad has it gotten? Owner Shad Khan is meeting with his team to ask why it isn’t winning and what he can do to make it better.

“He’s been very patient,” NFL on CBS analyst Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Last year was too late for them to start doing better in this weak division. Now they have arguably one of the best rosters in the business, and they are 2-4? Come on, man. The Tennessee Titans are better than you? You’re possibly picking top 10 again? Fans already don’t support (this team) because that’s not a great fan base. That’s why we’re doing all these London games, I believe. . . . To me, the person that’s blowing it for everybody is Blake Bortles because he’s played horribly. He’s not good. You could put him and Osweiler right next to each other. They don’t inspire their (teammates) to play better. He throws all these picks early in the game. That’s putting you behind and putting you in a bad spot. He hasn’t shown any maturity. He hasn’t progressed. He’s regressed or he’s stayed exactly the same.

“What excuse does he have?” Scott continued. “He has a great running back. He has Julius Thomas, who’s one of the best pass-receiving tight ends. He has the Allens (Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns). Damn, what else do you need, bro? People would kill for that and they’re squandering the youth on their team because at some point they’re going to have to pay all those people and they’re not going to be able to keep them. You have to try to win while they’re still cheap. Blake Bortles, listen, if we can’t turn it around, I’m getting rid of him.”

Jacksonville’s defense, to be fair, ranks 26th in the league in points allowed (26.7), but it also ranks ninth in yards allowed. Why the difference? Well, it could be because Bortles has nine interceptions in six games and is putting his defense in tough situations.

“They’re young. They’re going to make mistakes,” Scott said of the Jacksonville defense. “Blake Bortles is no longer young. Right now this is a offensive team. The defense will probably steal the show in a couple of years once you get (experience for) Myles Jack, (Jalen) Ramsey, Malik Jackson, who’s playing better than anybody at the position, but it goes unnoticed because your quarterback sucks.”

DA wonders if Jacksonville might fire Gus Bradley, who is 14-40 with the Jags. After all, isn’t it easier to get rid of a coach than a quarterback?

“Is it hard to get rid of a bad quarterback?” Scott responded. “He’s going to be asking for an option year. I would not pick up that option. You know what he’ll have? He’ll have a one-way ticket to the pool because you’ll be a fan. Your code won’t work in here no more.”

Bortles threw for 4,428 yards and 35 touchdowns last year. Scott called those numbers “garbage” because many of them were accumulated during garbage time.

“You can find statistics to support whatever you want,” Scott said. “He gets numbers because he gets garbage-time (stats) because the (other) team’s winning by 50. They’re trying not to give up the big play and he gets all this garbage stuff in the fourth quarter.”

Jacksonville plays at Tennessee (3-4) on Thursday at 8:25 p.m. ET.


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