ADAM ZUCKER – 10/24/16
CBS College Football host

“I know that seems odd. They lost to Clemson. They had two Hail Marys miss at the end of their opener against Clemson at home. We thought Gus Malzahn was on the verge of getting fired when they actually got that extra second wiped away, and it was Les Miles getting fired instead. But the way Auburn’s offense is humming right now – and they already had the defense to do it – Auburn, to me, (has) as good of a shot (of beating) Alabama as anybody.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“They felt like they had $15 million and a great situation sitting there for this kid, where all he’d have to do is manage the game a little bit and he’d be a hero. He chose to go to Houston for $6 million more guaranteed over the first two years of the deal. Again, normally guys would say, ‘Hey, we get it. It’s a business.’ But you got Brandon Marshall saying, ‘We want to kill him,’ and you got Aqib Talib saying, ‘He reneged on us.’ That’s not the normal sort of du jour talk you hear leading up to Week 7. This isn’t even a playoff game, for goodness’ sake.”
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ESPN analyst

“I look at what they went and got even this offseason, which was kind of the final pieces. I feel like you can go back a year, two years, but really this last offseason (was key). They go to the championship series, they lose to the Mets, and they felt like they needed something . . . when you think about John Lackey and Ben Zobrist in particular.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 10/25/16
NFL analyst

“I guess he can talk to them about football, but I don’t think he likes recruiting. I think he wants to stay in the NFL. I think he wants to show he can do it in the NFL. So I think he’ll be back in Year Two.”
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CBS NFL analyst

“It is a luxury to have a guy not only that big and that powerful and that fast who can run and throw the ball, but there’s a price to be paid. He can say that and by him running the football and playing his game the way he plays it, he will be more effective, but there’s no question that body is going to take abuse and it will catch up to him. I know he can take the abuse, but it will catch up to him. You’ve already seen it this season.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/26/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“He has a great running back. He has Julius Thomas, who’s one of the best pass-receiving tight ends. He has the Allens (Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns). Damn, what else do you need, bro? People would kill for that and they’re squandering the youth on their team because at some point they’re going to have to pay all those people and they’re not going to be able to keep them. You have to try to win while they’re still cheap. Blake Bortles, listen, if we can’t turn it around, I’m getting rid of him.”
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JAMES LOFTON – 10/27/16
Pro Football Hall of Famer

“So now Dez Bryant comes back, so what’s the expectation level there? Is it four or five passes a game? Is it 10, 11 targets? I think if they’re smart – and they have been smart so far – because they’ve used everyone. They’ve used all the extra players, and they’ve done a good job with it. The defense has played well the last couple games. They don’t give up a lot of points. But Dak Prescott – the guy is completing almost 70 percent of his passes, so he’s making good, smart decisions.”
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TODD JADLOW – 10/27/16

“If you read the book, nowhere in it – or have I ever said – that he grabbed us by the genitalia. There was an incident when I was playing in Madison Square Garden against Syracuse where I sat down on the bench and he got up in you and he grabbed you by the groin – basically on both sides of the muscle area with both of his hands – and he’d just start squeezing tight. That’s what I meant and that’s what I wrote about in the book, grabbing the groin area. I certainly have never seen him grab anybody by the genitalia or hit them or anything of that nature.”
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