Former Indiana basketball player Todd Jadlow, who played for the Hoosiers from 1985-89, has written a memoir, “Jadlow: On The Rebound,” in which he details his career with Indiana, including the 1987 national championship, as well as his drug and alcohol addictions, depression, and, ultimately, prison time later in life.

He also claims that he and his teammates were physically and emotionally abused by head coach Bobby Knight, who, according to Jadlow, would sometimes grab players by the groin. To clarify, however, Knight never sexually assaulted anyone.

“Well, yeah, let’s clarify that real quick,” Jadlow said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “If you read the book, nowhere in it – or have I ever said – that he grabbed us by the genitalia. There was an incident when I was playing in Madison Square Garden against Syracuse where I sat down on the bench and he got up in you and he grabbed you by the groin – basically on both sides of the muscle area with both of his hands – and he’d just start squeezing tight. That’s what I meant and that’s what I wrote about in the book, grabbing the groin area. I certainly have never seen him grab anybody by the genitalia or hit them or anything of that nature.”

Still, Knight left his mark on Jadlow – literally.

“When I stood up, I remember him grabbing me by both of my sides and squeezing so hard that when I went back to the hotel the next morning, I woke up and you could see very visibly the bruise marks from each finger on his hand where he grabbed me,” Jadlow recalled. “I happened to have a camera with me and I took a picture. I just thought, ‘If there’s even an opportunity later in life, I’m just going to talk about this.’ So it’s kind of crazy that I still have this picture from 1989 that I had taken from a game that we played there at Madison Square Garden in New York against Syracuse. It was a pretty physical moment. Just to make that clear, I’ve never seen him grab anybody by the genitalia, but he will get up in your groin area and grab with both his hand son the side. That’s what I meant when I said that. It has been misconstrued, I think, a little bit.”


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