The Jacksonville Jaguars fired offensive coordinator Greg Olson on Saturday, this after another no-show from the offense in a 36-22 loss to Tennessee last Thursday. The 22 points were about as misleading as they come, as Jacksonville trailed 27-0 at halftime and scored two touchdowns in the final four minutes of play.

Is Blake Bortles responsible for the lack of production, or is that on the Jacksonville coaching staff?

“It’s on both of them,” Jaguars reporter Mike Kaye said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “The play-calling has not fit his strengths. He’s the type of player that needs to be throwing downfield consistently. He’s done very well in the hurry-up. That hasn’t been called all that often. It also hurts that the running game hasn’t been established ever. So teams are not respecting the running game. Sometimes you’re seeing six-man boxes and they’re triple-teaming Allen Robinson, who is easily the top target on the team. So he’s struggling with that, and also his throwing motion has regressed significantly. He’s been really wide with that arm, which is taking up time with his release and teams are really honing in on that.”

Bortles threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns against Tennessee, but many of those numbers were accumulated during garbage time – which is the main knock on Bortles. He doesn’t produce until the outcome of the game has already been decided.

At 24, Bortles has plenty of time to improve, but is he a franchise quarterback?

“Based on the last seven games, absolutely not,” Kaye said. “He looks skittish in the pocket, he doesn’t look like he trusts his line, he doesn’t look like he trusts his wide receivers, he’s not making accurate throws – this is like a Nick Foles-, Derek Anderson-type regression after a big year. . . . He’s the type of guy that stays pretty even-keel, but it does seem like he gets very nervous in game situations, especially playing from behind. You’ll notice that the Jaguars have not scored an opening-drive touchdown in 21 consecutive games. If they don’t get off to a fast stat, he kind of folds. He’s thrown turnovers in the end zone early on in games and they haven’t been able to come back as an offense until early in the third quarter, and by then it’s too late. So I don’t know. Maybe it is a confidence issue. He says he’s got 100 percent confidence in himself, but the play tends to show otherwise.”

Jacksonville (2-5) plays at Kansas City on Nov. 6 at 1 p.m. ET.


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