Nothing about Mike Leach is conventional, including the way he chose this year’s team captain. The Washington head coach gave that honor to running back Jamal Morrow – simply because he was a contestant on The Price is Right.

That’s kind of an odd reason to make such an important decision, especially since Leach doesn’t even watch many game shows.

“This is way outdated, but when I was a kid, Let’s Make a Deal was the one all the kids liked,” Leach said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “If I were to watch one, it would be Jeopardy just because in the end you feel like you learned something. I haven’t watched a game show in forever, and the closest I came to watching one was when we would watch the clip of Jamal Morrow play on The Price is Right. It was really good, too. They’d have some prize like a car, and he’d put the hands on his face and get a totally excited, dismayed look, a lot of hand gestures. He was really good. If you want to see excitement, joy, the agony of defeat, all of it rolled into one, he could transition between it quickly.”

Leach was also asked about mascots and whether some of them are offensive, especially ones depicting Native Americans.

“Well, it might be outdated,” he said, “but nobody has selected a mascot that they don’t respect. Mascots, by definition, are something that’s respected, that identifies your courageous effort out there on the field. So I’m Scandinavian and I feel no offense to teams being called Vikings. But no matter what your mascot is, it’s respected. It’s something you’re excited about. It’s something you rally around. But as far as the logo being outdated, I never did care for the cartoon-looking logos to begin with.”

Leach also commented on a new theory that microbursts – natural blasts of air – could be responsible for the high number of ship and plane wrecks in the Bermuda Triangle.

“I wouldn’t rule it out,” Leach said. “I wouldn’t bet against it. There’s probably something. I got a place on one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle out there in Key West. It’s possible. I don’t think it’s some screwy space man or curses or all that stuff.”


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