Dalvin Cook reeled off a 50-yard run in the fourth quarter against Clemson on Saturday, and at that point, Florida State was in business.

Only the run was called back on a phantom chop-block penalty. Florida State lost, 37-34.

Afterward, Jimbo Fisher went off on the referees, calling the penalty “ridiculous,” “cowardly,” “gutless,” and “wrong,” and telling people to “hold the damn officials accountable.”

Fisher was subsequently fined $20,000 by the ACC.

But he may have won some support in the process.

“Oh, (the penalty) was terrible,” ACC Network analyst Tommy Bowden said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It was a bad call at a very critical time. You want to say, ‘Hey, obviously you want to put your team in a position to never have the game come down to one call.’ Everybody says that and that’s accurate, but still, Dalvin Cook had just peeled off a great run. It was a terrible, terrible call.”

As for the fine, Fisher probably couldn’t care less.

“Of course, $20,000 out of $5 million – (that’s) not going to hurt (Fisher),” Bowden said. “The university will probably pay that anyway. But I think he was right to get on them. My first year in the ACC, I got reprimanded by the commissioner about sideline antics, so it was money well-spent, in my opinion.”

Florida State (5-3) fell from No. 12 to No. 19 in the rankings. The Seminoles have allowed an average of 45.7 points in their three losses, including 37 in each of their last two.

“Defensively, I know they’re a really talented team, but they’re probably one of the worst teams as far as giving up plays of 20 (or) more (yards),” Bowden said. “It’s usually the result of three things. No. 1 talent, which is not a problem in this case. It’s missed assignments and missed tackles. Those are things you can correct from a coaching standpoint. So they’re going to have to look at what they’re doing (and figure out if) it’s too confusing or if they’re asking them to do too much. They’ll have to evaluate that because they’re a very talented defense.”

Florida State will look to rebound this Saturday in Raleigh. The Seminoles play N.C. State (4-4) at 7 p.m. ET.


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