On Tuesday night, Showtime aired a behind-the-scenes segment delving into the Baylor sexual-assault scandal that rocked college football earlier this year, as 60 Minutes Sports correspondent Armen Keteyian interviewed central figures in the story to help uncover what went wrong and why.

60 Minutes Sports discovered that 17 female students reported sexual or domestic assault charges against 19 Baylor football players since 2011, including at least four gang rapes. Former university president Ken Starr and head football coach Art Briles lost their jobs as a result.

It is unknown what the NCAA will do investigation-wise to Baylor, a university that prides itself on Christian values.

“It’s unclear,” Keteyian said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It’s an interesting question because the whole issue of lack of institutional control, what did the athletic department know and when did they know it (all comes into play). Ian McCaw, who was the athletic director all of this time, has resigned but he’s still on the payroll at this time, so that’s interesting. But frankly, knowing NCAA instigators and what kind of resources they have and the kind of experience they have, I frankly think we did a better job tonight. We sort of did an NCAA investigation tonight. I think other people are going to have to make a determination as to who’s at fault or where the culpability lies. Frankly, I don’t think it just lies within the Baylor Police Department. I brace Reagan Ramsower, the senior vice president, about his responsibilities in a very clear way and also interim president David Garland about should other people be held accountable? I don’t think ultimately it will be an NCAA investigation, but ultimately it’s such a black mark on the Big 12 and it’s such a black mark on college sports in general. it’s really a question of what price do you pay for success in college football?”


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