Norv Turned resigned as Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator on Wednesday, and in no way does Bart Scott think it was justified.

“Norv stepped on the sword in resigning. He was probably forced to quit,” the NFL analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Listen, no guy with the integrity of Norv Turner is going to resign and quit on his team in the middle of the season. You know why he did it. He did it probably because he got into a fight about philosophy. You talk about Norv. Norv was a head coach in this league and he’s coached some of the best offenses in the game. How limited is he? Sam Bradford’s only been there six weeks. If it was Teddy Bridgewater who was struggling, that’s a different story. So you go to Pat Shurmur, who was Bradford’s offensive coordinator before. It’s going to be easy for him to change the terminology and give Bradford something he’s already comfortable with. That’s going to help the offense just from that standpoint that you can put more on Bradford’s plate. Now the question is, can you take Norv’s terminology and blend it with Pat Shurmur’s so that the receivers understand?”

The Vikings (5-2) started the year 5-0 on the strength of their defense and solid play from Bradford. The offense has struggled mightily, however, in each of Minnesota’s last two games, mustering just 10 points in road losses to Philadelphia and Chicago.

But that wasn’t necessarily on Turner.

“Jake Long, come on. He has to be the worst left tackle in the game,” Scott said of the former No. 1 overall pick. “He’s had a bunch of injuries. He’s not the same player and he was getting a butt-whopping (against Philadelphia). Bradford’s not like a Ben or a Brady who can take an average line and the ball is out so fast that it really doesn’t matter (because) they can find an open target. And they don’t have receivers that can separate and they really can’t run the ball. I think they really should have tried to trade for somebody, but they already gave up their first-round draft pick, so they really can’t go out and find somebody. Hell, the Bills got Percy Harvin (to play). We know Percy would never go back to Minnesota. He’s one of those guys (who), today, he’s excited, (but) he’ll retire in four weeks or something like that.

“(Turner) basically got fired and he resigned so it can look good for all parties involved,” Scott continued. “He wanted to continue to do what he do. He’s one of the most respected offensive coordinators in the game. You earn that reputation. Wade Phillips, he was one of the most respected defensive coordinators. Not as great as a head coach – and neither was Norv – but respected (for) what he did. He was a beautiful mind when it came to that, but you got to give him some horses.”


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