At some point, sooner or later, Tony Romo is going to be ready to play for the Dallas Cowboys. But Shawne Merriman doesn’t think he should.

“I want to see Dak there, and I’ve always said that,” the three-time All-Pro said in studio on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “One of the Dallas Cowboys’ biggest problems, I think for a long time, is they just supported Tony Romo just way too much. I think he’s probably been one of the only quarterbacks in the whole National Football League that’s not had a backup that can really come in and compete for his job. Whether they did that purposefully or unintentional, they haven’t had anyone that can come in and really take his job. Dak Prescott has probably been one of the only ones in a long time that can come in and have a starting role. We all know how sports operate. It’s about momentum, and if you have momentum in a season or you have momentum on a football team, you don’t want to do anything to disrupt that. I don’t care if Tony Romo is ready or not. You want Dak Prescott to be your starting quarterback. If I’m a teammate of Dak’s, you don’t go out and publicly say, ‘We don’t want Tony Romo.’ But behind closed doors, we’re holding hands and hugs and trying to go up to the front office and do whatever we can behind closed doors to make Dak Prescott remain our starting quarterback.”

Prescott has led the Cowboys (6-1) to six straight wins. Tony Romo, on the other hand, has played in just four games over the last two seasons.

“The NFL is not a loyal league,” Merriman said. “It’s about performance and who can play better and who can play longer and who can play through injury. He’s performed well during the season, but football is also about playoffs and winning championships. Tony Romo hasn’t been able to do that. So if you have someone there that, even when they are healthy, they can’t get you to that point, you have to go in another direction – just to see. You could be wrong, but you’d rather take that risk on Dak Prescott, who’s doing something for your organization that hasn’t been done for a long time.”


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