TOMMY BOWDEN – 10/31/16
ACC Network analyst

“The university will probably pay that anyway. But I think he was right to get on them. My first year in the ACC, I got reprimanded by the commissioner about sideline antics, so it was money well-spent, in my opinion.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 10/31/16
MLB analyst

“Well, they have. And near the end of the year, (Danny) Salazar goes down and then (Carlos) Carrasco goes down. The last week of the season, he takes a line drive off his finger. He’s done. So now you say, ‘No Michael Brantley, no No. 2, No No. 3 starter. There’s no way you make a run at a World Series when you’re a team that has that low of a pay roll. And here they are getting it done.”
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60 Minutes Sports correspondent

“It’s an interesting question because the whole issue of lack of institutional control, what did the athletic department know and when did they know it (all comes into play). Ian McCaw, who was the athletic director all of this time, has resigned but he’s still on the payroll at this time, so that’s interesting. But frankly, knowing NCAA instigators and what kind of resources they have and the kind of experience they have, I frankly think we did a better job tonight. We sort of did an NCAA investigation tonight. I think other people are going to have to make a determination as to who’s at fault or where the culpability lies. Frankly, I don’t think it just lies within the Baylor Police Department. I brace Reagan Ramsower, the senior vice president, about his responsibilities in a very clear way and also interim president David Garland about should other people be held accountable? I don’t think ultimately it will be an NCAA investigation, but ultimately it’s such a black mark on the Big 12 and it’s such a black mark on college sports in general. it’s really a question of what price do you pay for success in college football?”
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CHAD BROWN – 11/1/16
Former NFL LB

“To steal a phrase from my old teammate, Kevin Greene: ‘It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.’ When you were doing all the dabbing and dancing, Cam, it was the funnest thing in the world. Now people are using that as motivation against you and you don’t like it so much. As a defensive player, you recognize who are the spark plugs for each individual team and you do your best to prevent that player from igniting the rest of his team. (Opponents) are certainly going to be doing everything they can to No. 1, prevent him from dancing, but No. 2, to frustrate him and do the things that he’s already starting to gripe about.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/2/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“He wanted to continue to do what he do. He’s one of the most respected offensive coordinators in the game. You earn that reputation. Wade Phillips, he was one of the most respected defensive coordinators. Not as great as a head coach – and neither was Norv – but respected (for) what he did. He was a beautiful mind when it came to that, but you got to give him some horses.”
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Former NFL DE

“It’s about performance and who can play better and who can play longer and who can play through injury. He’s performed well during the season, but football is also about playoffs and winning championships. Tony Romo hasn’t been able to do that. So if you have someone there that, even when they are healthy, they can’t get you to that point, you have to go in another direction – just to see. You could be wrong, but you’d rather take that risk on Dak Prescott, who’s doing something for your organization that hasn’t been done for a long time.”
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NFL on CBS analyst

“Everyone knew he was getting the ball. He still was able to possess it and make big plays despite not having maybe a prolific receiver on the other side or great quarterbacks or even (playing) for a great organization. I think he’s going to be the first Hall of Famer for the Houston Texans – and rightfully so. He truly was one of the greatest receivers this game has ever seen.”
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SETH GRUEN – 11/3/16
Bleacher Report MLB columnist

“People sort of said to themselves, ‘This really is a big-market team. This is a team that can compete, that can go out and get players.’ Do Cubs fans expect to win the World Series next year because of what Theo Epstein has done? And Theo gets all the credit in the world, but yeah, absolutely. This is the most talented team in baseball. There’s no question they should be World Series contenders year in and year out, and if they don’t win it, they’re underperforming; they’ve underwhelmed. So yeah, I think the identity has changed. Is it arrogance? I don’t necessarily think it’s arrogance; I just think it’s reality. This team is more talented right now that any other organization in baseball.”
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