After not winning a World Series for more than a century, the Chicago Cubs are basking in their storied run a to championship.

Well, get used to it, baseball fans. This may be a common theme in the coming years.

“They’re the Warriors now,” Chicago’s The Score host Laurence Holmes said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Next year at this time, you and I are going to have a conversation about how everyone is sick of the Cubs – because of how big their fan base is and how good their team is and how good they’re going to be for probably the next five to eight years. They are loaded. They are loaded.”

Anthony Rizzo is 27. Kris Bryant is 24. Javier Baez is 23. Addison Russell is 22.

“You look at their infield, you got four guys that could win the Most Valuable Player award,” Holmes said. “And that’s before we start talking about Kyle Schwarber. That’s before we start talking about Willson Contreras. What if Jason Heyward hits the way he used to hit when he was in Atlanta and in St. Louis? It’s a juggernaut, man. It is scary. Everyone in the National League should be terrified. They should be terrified that the Cubs are in this position. Theo Epstein signed a five-year extension to stick around with the Cubs. They should be terrified – because this team is going to be around for a while.”


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